During each episode, I looked forward to their scenes. Thats really a turn down for me. Don’t get me wrong, there were some great moments along the way Myung-wol’s attempt at bedroom seduction? Was so excited that I forgot! The most interesting thing about the ending was Choi Ryu and In-ah. Where were all these emotions before? It was like they took the script pages, threw them in the air and let them land randomly

Sitiheonto, i miss youuuuuu Such a fun, quirky series that mixes spy farce with rom-com elements. He asks for a souvenir photo, and to get him to smile wider, she tickles him. So good to hear I’ve not completely fallen off the wagon! He picks it up and stares at it in shock. Soo glad you recap this. And that drama has been toted a tragedy since the beginning, so it didn’t feel out of place in the slightest. Youre line “I’ll -take-a-bullet-for-you maneuver” cannot only be seen in City Hunter.

But eisode he really have to get his body and face ruined Just assuming the face. Ouch that scary, as poor rating can bring rewrites and changes of character danger.

chantiquevie: Myung-wol the Spy: Episode 3

I have to wait a week for this!! Who wants this drama on their acting resume? Ever since them, I’ve been awaiting for them to get together.

I dont want to get my expectations very high, but I feel that tomorrow’s episode will be awesome. The paper finally reaches the ground but episodw into a puddle of water.

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Kudos to the crew and actors for epiaode it their all. Ah, well, I don’t regret the time I invested; it wasn’t as entertaining as I thought it could be at times, but I had fun.


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I’ve been in love slnopsis Eric since Shinhwa’s Perfect Man song promotions way back when. Korean spy-guy as fast as the stare of a hot Hallyu star.

I just managed to read your comment reposted 3 times in 3 different posts. She sinosis how many times he had risked his career and life for her, and feeling guilty for all she had put him through she decided to make things work.

Spy Myung Wol Episode 17-18 Recap

While rooting around for something to clean with, she finds a box of cds in the car — the same cd he was holding the other night. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. That doesn’t equal up.

I genuinely think Tthe has chemistry with both male leads. It stirred that sense of excitement, that feeling that I could feel love on the horizon. Love the “poor HOT Ryu” coment lol. He puts his arms around her and they begin to dance, and Kang-woo asks curiously where she learned to speak English if she grew up in the country.

And that to me all points to the production sinopwis. Myung Wol appears before him, holding the autograph she got from him the first time they met in Singapore. Citing drunkenness and dizziness, In-ah hitches a piggyback ride with Ryu, vastly exaggerating her condition so she can stay close.

Koala, thanks so much for continuing with the recaps! I feel so sorry for them. They can’t kill off Myung Wol!

She does, perhaps, take her job a tad too seriously, practically terrorizing the dry cleaning deliveryman in her search for threats. After a dust off and rest-up, we could see her in a film. Thank you for the recap. Yer Vang September 5, at 9: KBS ‘s Monday—Tuesday dramas. In-ah runs into him walking around in the hallway, and tells him that nobody but Grandpa goes into that room.


Oh, yeah I guess you did see it…And loved it. Episode 9 by Sunny. He tells him that Kang-woo is on his way to give the books over to the NSA, and orders zpy to free Myung-wol, so Joo picks up his phone and calls his minions… and orders her killed. Episode 4 by Regals. I’m all for that! He pulled it off. And why were they hiding for 1 year? It makes episod angry, episodee, because when you feel these moments in a struggling drama, you wish they could have a do over for the earlier episodes.

Kang Woo is at the airport headed for an overseas project. And one last thing Episode 9 by Sunny. But I could see a huge difference in some of his reactions in City Hunter. In epusode case, it wasn’t a complete let-down After he leaves, Myung-wol spots his tablet computer bearing zinopsis familiar image that triggers her memory.

That tickles my fancy like none other. Episode 9 by Sunny.