It was nice that Aishwarya was able to lift Rohit, and also the trust element of doing the lean over the edge. He praises his brother. He says good act, welcome back. Sana was awesome today. Hahah then let it be. Mayuresh and Ajisha rocked d stage n still got 27…..

You can be honest but you dont have to hurt others for that. Rithvik asks Mrunal to comment on Chacha and Chachi. So lets not assume things. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Thank you everyone for liking my update. Plz update this faster. I m disagree with judges that they eliminate sharad and mrunal they were cute and awesome couple ;-.

He says I loved the way Dipesh took the lift.

Preity says it seems you are here on Nach since long. Marzi says your lift was effortlessly good. Aishwarya says he got thin now. Mahek 16th Jun – 3: Also its not that she spoke truth and became honest. He says you can be a great support for Mayuresh. In the middle Episodf felt like their coordination was off at one point, but otherwise the act was pretty strong. She says I want to see you do nice, innovative act, it was good. Overall, I really liked the act!

I liked when Nandish was lifting Rashami up and she was walking in the air and I knew Marzi would eat that up too haha. And last day of the love challenge evn it was intentionally asked by rithvik to dipesh have he seen the episodes aftr eliminationso tht thr can b a start for ill talkies abt sharad and mrunal ….


She says both are sweet and says Chacha is lucky. Karan says I hope your parents agree some day. Sharad and Mrunal were always my least favourite couple and Sana and Deepesh are my favourite, cos they would never speak ill about anyone and ballye they opened up about Meunal meant that it was quite a serious topic and Rithwik is a host so he has to ask these questions. Preity says very sweet act, old age looks sweet.

But once sharad mrunal out then bye bye NB. The spin where he held her hand and leg in one hand was amazing, as were his cartwheels around her. Also that Nandish must have raised his hands on rashmi.

Life rules 15th Jun – 1: Chetan says Jitendra movie and robotics. They were connected by their arms. Karishma says they shall pack their bags 41th go. Its not they are dishonest.

Karishma is definitely better at this dance form than Upen.

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Yesterdays episode was a great opportunity for others to vent out their dislike on her behaviour. Abdul 14th Jun – ANON 14th Jun – He says somewhere down the line, there was clutter.

Plz update this faster. Mohit Malhotra comes to cheer for Himanshu Malhotra and tells that Himanshu is his mentor. Ajisha says she is a professional bollywood dancer.

Comedy Classes on Nach Baliye 7

balite They will feel good seeing your act. Karishma asks Chetan to see their handwork. Aahana sengupta 15th Jun – He likes your kiss act, pushups etc. They thank everyone for bringing them back as wild card entry and promise to rock the stage with their performance. Preity welcomes them on Nach Baliye.


Ye Hai Mohabbatein cast special

She doesnt have to speak about others personal lives so rudely. Zazzy 15th Jun – He gives him standing ovation. It had nice story telling and performance was good. Mrunal looked over it or like she was focusing a lot on the steps but not really thinking about expressions.

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Devga 15th Jun – Marzi says nice, creative act. Their overall message that religion episore not trump an individual was really powerful. Pls eliminate sana and dipesh,himangshu and amruta.

Update lil faster …… No current here. She has her own troubled love life going on now and all others were pleading for their parents to accept their relation and yet she behaves this rudely. This was a cool start where she was standing on his back.

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Preity says I liked your concept, and you touch the relevalent topic everytime. I like your act when you lift her and she jumped on your chest.