Andy’s mistress and the mother of his children Aditya and Pratham. Shivanya manages to kill Ankush; however, Ritik witnesses this, finds out that Shivanya is a serpent, and begins simultaneously loving and hating her. Shivangi dies without getting to know why her father and husband betrayed her by plotting her murder. Rocky then says that he knows that Shivangi must have gone to choose a gift for him for Valentine’s Day and then goes on to give her a gift which he had brought. Bela has a nightmare where she sees Vyom and his people attacking her mercilessly. Afterwards, Yamini gathers everyone to inform them that Alia and Rudra love each other a lot and that is why she is thinking of getting them engaged. Srivastav confronts her and asks her as to where Rocky is as he has to take his signatures on some documents.

The bull, meanwhile, senses that someone has been in the den, so he rushes to find the person and Shivangi bites him and goes away. Devastated, Bela vents out her emotions before Vikrant and swears to take revenge on Mahir and his family. Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum. On the other hand, it is the night when whatever a Naagin wishes for is fulfilled. Sumitra asks for the Naagmani from Bela if she wants to save Mahir. But he actually survived, himself being poisonous as well, since he was born of “Nidhok Naag-Rani” Sumitra. Afterwards, Yamini gathers everyone to inform them that Alia and Rudra love each other a lot and that is why she is thinking of getting them engaged. Yamini enters Mahishmiti’s magical chambers along with her and Sesha.

Then Bela tells Sumitra that Lord Shiva saved them. So, on her saying, Rocky and Shivange leave the house to spend some time with each other on an outing. Even Sesha is trying to find a way out of the house. She asks her Gurudev to save Rudra and her Gurudev tells her that only a golden herb can save Rudra now, that too if Shivangi manages to fetch it within the next eight hours.

Yamini, Rani Avantika, Sesha and the others are drinking champagne and rejoicing on Shivanya and Shivangi’s death. Season 1 of Naagin became one of the highest rated shows on Indian television at that time [10]and it was replaced by the show Nagni Naagin 3 drops to 2nd spot, Kumkum Bhagya tops the ratings charts”.


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He was the fourth assaulter to ngin killed, and the first one to be killed by Bela alone without Vish’s help. Rocky tells Shivangi to wait in the car and he will go and face Rudra in order to teach him a lesson.

Rudra somehow gets to know that its the skin of Shivangi and if it burns completely then Shivangi will never be able to come in Be the dpisode one to add a plot. Retrieved 18 December When Mahir was attacked by a purple serpent, Bela saved his life.

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They killed Shivanya’s parents in a failed attempt to attain a precious gem with magical powers called the Naagmani. Sesha is chasing Rocky and Shivangi as they are heading towards their filmaziz Mansion. Shivanya is yet nagkn of the fact that Yamini is alive. She was also aiming for the Naagmani, and hence assisted Shivanya’s parents’ murderers Ankush, Yamini, Viren, Shailesh and Suri to protect themselves from Shivanya’s wrath by giving them protective rings. However, Rocky comes there in the cave and takes her out of there.

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Naagin 3 fans, you will be excited to see this! He can be easily frightened and is a comical character. He was greedy for the Naagmani and was one of the murderers of Shivanya. Rudra and Shivangi, along with Guruji, pray to Lord Shiva and thank him for helping them taking a step closer towards their goal. As Shivangi is going back to Rocky’s room, Mr.

She then helps Mahir to regain his memory but in vain. On their elisode, they are about to meet with an accident by an uncontrolled truck, but they are somehow saved. Week 40 ; KBC in top 3″. Shivangi, meanwhile, thinks that Rudra cannot marry Alia as she is innocent and Alia cannot be taken advantage of.

Mahir arrives at Shahnawaaz’s location but his attempt to rescue Bela suffers an unexpected setback.

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Shivangi comes back home and all her sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law ask her to play with them. However, business tycoon Andy Sehgal’s spoiled sons Yuvi and Adi along with Yuvi’s friends- Rehan, Fimazia, RJ Yuvi’s brother-in-law and Karan Yuvi’s family manager arrive there drunk and misbehave with Ruhi and attempt to rape her, while Vikrant takes his Naag avatar to scare them off, but an agitated Adi shoots Vikrant who magin dies.


Meanwhile, Maheshmiti is outside Sesha’s room, and Sesha is mad with anger and breaking things inside. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. LaterYuvi goes and real Vikrant comes and Vishaka asks him that why he is not making coffee and then he answers tells that he has gone to the nagon to find medicines for Mahir.

Later, Shivangi comes to Daksh is killed by Nagkn. This season epsiode Mouni RoyKaranvir BohraAdaa Khan and Sudha Chandran with the latter two reprising their respective characters from Season 1nagni also featured Aashka Goradia and Kinshuk Mahajan in prominent supporting roles.

This section needs additional citations for verification. She kills Yuvraj aka Yuvi and Karan who slips into coma and dies in the hospital. Shivangi takes the poison and gives it to her brother-in-law and he gets better. Week 46 “. When Juhi reveals her wish to be the Naagrani, Bela agrees instantly. Shivangi is now a step closer to fulfilling her promise and says that only three of her mother’s murderers are left to kill now.

Shivangi and Sesha are dancing in the Shiv temple in front of the Shivling in order to please Lord Shiva so that he saves Rocky’s life. Later, Shivangi kills the rest of Shivanya’s murderers. Shivangi and Rudra are troubled as the snake charmers are in Rocky’s house and playing the been in order to bring out the Naag.

Yamini enters Mahishmiti’s magical chambers along with her and Sesha. Bela gives the Naagmani to Sumitra. She possibly survived, revealed to Bela the true faces of Vishakha and Vikrant, and went to stay in protection of the “Naag-Pandit”.

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