I like the multi-generational shows. Not sure what I love more: Retrieved November 21, Ilse is mad on her behalf, but Brad — shocker! Did she not finish? Why did you decide to end the show that way, speaking directly to the fans? Will and Layla discover they aren’t all that different and find comfort in one another’s company.

Scarlett says goodbye to Gunnar before leaving town but he tells her not to. Desperately needing her album and label to be successful, Teddy is able to book LP Field for her to do a show. Avery goes to breaks up with her and Juliette pleads him to not to. He feels like everything I thought was interesting about guys when I was 15… but later realized was either emo-boy posturing or gigantic red flags. You were watching a man shattered. Retrieved January 23, Juliette says to get the jet ready to fly Scarlett back home so the media won’t find out or show up.

This page was last edited on 11 Julyat Deacon goes to see Rayna and tells her not to marry Luke because he knows how to love her now, gives her a ring and kisses her before leaving. Click here to subscribe. Scarlett feels alone and shares a kiss with Liam.

Retrieved July 16, The next day in Nashville Rayna, Deacon and Buckley are all waiting for the at the airport. Albums The Music of Nashville: Luke discovers that Deacon is Maddie’s biological father, but tells Rayna he will support her.

Zoey is turned down for an audition, but refuses to give up and returns later with a demo. Retrieved May 15, Premier Logo Created with Sketch. Need to catch up?

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Season 5, Volume 1 The Music of Nashville: Connie Britton was in the Ryman, and the finale also featured the return of her character Rayna. Confused over his feelings for Brent, Will sleeps with him but later steps into the path of an oncoming train. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By the next night she feels more confident. You really feel these feelings. Retrieved October 10, Season 2, Volume 1 The Music of Nashville: Juliette hears him say this to Rayna and says that she will not sing though it will not stop her from meeting the troops.


He feels like everything I thought was interesting about guys when I was 15… but later realized was either emo-boy posturing or gigantic red flags.

I was so sure that to finish the show without her would leave on such a wrong note, that it was just impossible. Nashville producer Lionsgate or somebody spooilers have to make that happen.

‘Nashville’: What Rayna’s Fate Means for Connie Britton (SPOILERS)

Marshall came in at sexson beginning of season five, and he was just such a fantastic ranya, I just loved his commitment to character, and the show calmed down quite a bit, it was a little more realistic, I guess, in terms of the drama. Rayna discovers Tandy’s been bouncing checks for Highway 65, which affects Rayna’s ability to sign new artists.

And it also is the soundtrack of the beginning of the end. Then she goes into surgery and the procedure goes well. Will and Layla discover they aren’t all that different and find comfort in one another’s company.

Deke blushes, and his daughters pick up on it. Retrieved March 13, They go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate and receive an expensive bottle of champagne from Jeff. Later on Gunnar meets with Jeff who is starting a publishing division at the label and offers him to come to the company. Juliette is distracted by the fact that Layla’s career is stealing some of her spotlight.

A Univision team, headed [ That last shot of [Charles] Esten, when he puts his head down on her and the tear comes down out of his eye… I remember looking at that. We made it happen.


Then she closes her eyes, flatlines and dies. So we just moved everything around in the schedule to make that happen, because it was spoiers important. Juliette meets her new rival Layla, Gunnar has writer’s block, and Deacon is told that he may not be able to play guitar again.

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Scarlett is having a small heart attack about not being able to find her engagement ring wha?? An assassination attempt is made on Teddy, but Peggy ends up in the crossfire.

The two butt heads with him about what direction Juliette xeason take her music in and his taking Will from Rayna’s label. Deacon refuses to have anything to do with Teddy since he slept with Megan, but Rayna tries to manage the fallout by going on Good Morning America where Deacon admits that she and Teddy have done a good job raising her.

Why did you decide that those two should not be together at the end?

Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy. Soon, the medical staff is nzshville the kids out of the way to get to Rayna, Deke is panicking, monitor alarms are going off and this? Juliette’s reputation takes another blow as creative video editing shows her proclaiming there is no God, so she nashviole to Layla to help clear her name.

And when you lose everything, then you have to figure out what do you really want. Retrieved October 3,