Ko backgroundnya Twilight Sparkle? The land was ruled by a wise Queen fairy and all creatures lived in harmony. Dear Lilo, I have relocated your wife so now you can it anything you want. What does being grateful mean? Popular Posts January 08, Lilo you have told me this a hundred times.

But his wife was nowhere to be seen. So the fairies let him go home. Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis! Pull out this stick! Situ Bagendit – Short Movie. Put the rice there!

I can do it without any effort! It means realizing that there are many people who are less fortunate than you are. I want to meet you! Selamat menonton dan selamat membaca. Did you buy all the rice from the farmers in the village?

What else is she looking for? Akhirnya nyari, nyari, nyari cerita rakyat yang bisa dimainin 5 orang.

Nyai Endit is the richest person in the village. BTW maksih yah Narrative teksnya. It means Lake Bagendit. Script ini sebenernya buat tugas pelajaran bahasa inggris gue waktu kelas 2 SMA tahun I will have lots and lots of rice as they have to sell the rice to me. I understand how you feel.

Hanna Setiawan Thursday, February 25, at 9: She made the rules because when the people runs out of rice, they have buy it back from her with much higher price.


It only happened to Nyai Bagendit and her house. Temukan dan baca juga cerita rakyat dalam bahasa inggris lainnya pada artikel kami berikut ini dongeng bahasa inggris. For the first time levenda ngeblog script drama dan dramanya tentang cerita rakyat Situ Bagendit.

And in the end they will have no rice at all. What are we going to do now? People in this village are very stupid.

The next day Lilo decided to visit queen fairy and state his problem. Lilo si Liliput Pengeluh. They all can be fooled. You are not grateful to God. The beggar was very sad.

Waktu ada tugas ini wunda juga nih gue les bahasa inggris kan. Kaka, kaka suka my little pony? Kalau mau tau film yang udah kita buat bisa ditonton yah! Where can I find the richest man in the village? There is no food in here! Leaving Nyai Endit alone to face her punishment. When you arrive home. It doesn’t make any sense!

Contoh Cerita Rakyat Dalam Bahasa Inggris : Be Grateful

Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis! Lilo you have told witu this a hundred times. Maaf cuma lewat comment kak, krn ak sdh coba cari contact kk, cuma y apa daya g ketemu: SCENE 1 – rice field. When Lilo reached home, his children ran to him.


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Not long after that, an earthquake happened. Since then, people named the lake as Situ Bagendit. Lilo broke into tears. And his sons were not home either. Great day for you because you have wings and can fly.

But ironically, there are lots of poor people in the village. It was still dark at that time, but everyone was already rushing to their fields, because that day was the time for them to harvest the yellowed rice and sell it to Nyai Endit.