AK November 30, Pages Home About Archives. There are basically two reasons behind it. Guaranteed returns — highest NAV within 7 years of launch tracked and guaranteed on maturity. The charges look steep indeed. Anyway, there should be no reason to feel confused. I have come across lot of speculations about ulip plans. Insurance products should never be looked at as investments.

Fisher November 28, See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Hence, one cannot see the NAV goes down and no need to put graph in his mind, always; which may invite BP as in the case of stock traders. Prakash Kuchana , panchayath secretary at panchayath secretary Follow. The guarantee is meaningless because of Nill in equity and the highest recorded NAV for seven years is of no meaning Can you please explain how can the NAV of both funds is almost same? Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

The amount will be refunded at the first day of 4th year.

SBI Life Smart ULIP Series

But, that would not be surprising considering the fact that this fund would need very active management – i. Finally, my advice to you is to remain invested in SMART ULIP because policy surrender in the initial years is too costly ; keep on paying the premiums and move out in the fifth year when the surrender charges falls to nil.

This is my opinion. I have devised a policy for myself, before investing,as follows – 1 All agents are only interested in their commissions and not in your welfare. Should I wait for 7 years to rise market or withdraw my money immediately. Its better to be prudent and spend atleast a little time in managing our money after all we spend so much in trying to earn it. Fisher December 07, ULIPs – 5 Secrets 3. Anyway let them manage my Rs 30 thousand.


So could you recommend a ULIP mainly because of their option to switch between debt and equity which will be more suitable to my needs i.

Now I am a 22 year old first time investor mainly interested in tax savings under lfie 80c. Guys, Can anyone tell where SBI will pay everyone from.

When you consider the time period of investment this really sucks big time. However, it is very important to learn from them and move on.

Under current market condition my lose will not be too much: Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Anybody can recommend better tax saving options which should be lite to take out after locking period. It is very clear they would be paid the highest NAV over declared dates. The charges look steep indeed. Insurance products should never be looked at as investments.

SBI Life Insurance – Smart ULIP (Series 2) Plan

Aditya, A year old retired women investing in a life insurance. I dont know what IRDA is doing?? Now first year premiums have already been paid Rs. You gave for first three years. Ajay January 16, Anonymous April 12, I can wait till 10yrs for the maturity.

SBI Life – Smart ULIP (Series II) – Money Market Fund

Fisher that ULIPs are just a way for companies to cheat. They’ll never do it. Anonymous June 06, Embeds 0 No embeds. When a life insurer sells a policy worth 20,00, to you, it sbo your risk and promises to pay the sum of 20,00, to you at the maturity or to your nominee in the event of your unfortunate death.


Precaution is always better than cure. Joel May 12, Is this the right blend? And if doubt still remains, read the entire blog.

SBI Life Insurance – Smart ULIP (Series 2) Plan – InvestmentKit

And for no reason they received The Best Insurer award for from outlook money. Hence, I do First object over the calculation ljfe image.

Dear fisher, Thank you very much for above detailed article, I am currently living abroad. On the above major point of view and the 3 objections, the statement made by an analyst is not correct; which seems like a comparison of Elite group with the Poverty group. I was def considering the policy last week and as per the details provided to me by the LIC Agent sries return nnav spread over almost 9 years.

Like for apolicy, when your kid turn 18, he would get Age Money back from policy 18 anv 40, 20 yrs 40, 22 yrs 60, 24 yrs 60, 26 yrs Rest of declared bonus, incentives if any etc. Full Name Comment goes here. SO net yield is low.