Harold’s Store Ringo and Declan are taking the mick out of Zeke wanting a year out. From Olivia Colman ‘s delightful acceptance speech to a Wayne’s World reunion, here are our favorite moments from the Oscars. You want me to fight back? Kaela Hilton Dean Harman: Donna is upset about what’s happened and she needs to apologise to Kate. A bit like everything else round here.

Sophie takes Lou to unpack and Kate spots a bill she needs to pay. Andrew goes upstairs and Rebecca screws up his list of what he likes to eat just as Declan enters. Rebecca puts her arms around her and explains that Declan can’t wait forever to move on, and that they should just see if there’s anything there. Kate gets up to leave and Dec stops her and tells her that everything he said last night is true. However Liby’s attitude still leads to Ben using a bat on Dan’s Christmas-gift-bike, which Susan stresses is ‘normal’ She leaves, and Andrew and Lyn get to know one another.

She goes to get changed. Janet Andrewartha Kyle Canning: A romantic trip away.

I really like your sister it’s just Ringo thinks she’s kidding, with all the dirt and insects etc, but Donna insists she’s not.

Number 22 Declan hands Harry a glass of water so he is less likely to punch him. Start your free trial. Eamonn George Joanne Bell: Zeke Kinski Sam Clark Now it’s your turn. Kate telling Lou that his parenting ideas aren’t helping. Recap Rebecca telling Kate that her and Declan would be good together Donna telling Kate to stop thinking about Declan Kate turning down Declan Lou applying to be the Ramsay kids guardian Paul and Rebecca getting married and Lyn being upset Andrew neiyhbours money and Rebecca stopping him from leaving.


That’s neihhbours you have been doing, Libby.

He picks up his keys and is on his way out when he stops and realises he can’t go out without his ring. Declan forgives Kate and gives her another chance.

Donna, Declan and I, we don’t need any of that stuff. Lou wonders if Declan even showed up but Kate doesn’t want to go there. Andrew goes upstairs and Rebecca screws up his list of what he likes to eat just as Declan enters. Number 28 Susan is sure Libby understands Ben more than the rest of them do, but Toadie is still concerned that Libby is crowding him. You want me to fight back? Yeah, can I get a cupcake please?

Outside Lassiters Rebecca apologies to Andrew for threatening to go to the police. The showdown between Declan and Harry is a nice character moment while Kate blows up at Lou’s relaxed approach to organising the household but has a nice bonding moment with him later.

Cameron Heine Milton Fillmore: Kate has done really well with them, but she can let him take charge neighvours and then.


Why would you do that? Edit Storyline Zeke cleverly hosts post-Dan-depressed Ben as ‘guest music selector’. Donna sees him avoiding them as a good sign and Kate suggests maybe she is avoiding him.

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Number 30 Ben has calmed down and is reading in his room. I was holding her because she was crying. We were ndighbours before all of this craziness happened. Simon Barbaro Hotel Staff Member: He asks her to have lunch at Charlie’s tomorrow with him. Harold’s Store Ringo and Declan are taking the mick out of Zeke wanting a year out.

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Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Lyn comes over to Rebecca. Mario Setyana Melissa Evans: Next morning Callum tries to get Ben to help him train Rocky but Ben isn’t in the mood and goes inside.

Donna seems a bit superfluous. Janet Andrewartha Clint Steedwell: Janet Andrewartha Father Sean Corrigan: Number 22 The guitar hero contest is well under way when Kate arrives back.