Episode Ep Jul 31, Meanwhile, are those sparks flying between Rhys and a lady in green? Kyle finds it hard to deal with Kate’s revelation. Summer is about to uncover some very interesting news about Tash’s party. Episode Ep 49 Mar 16, Neighbours 15th June Episode. Meanwhile, Tash gets a rude shock. And Kate is a bad liar.

Meanwhile, Priya and Ajay clash. Episode Ep Jul 17, Episode Ep 77 Apr 25, Karl Kennedy Chris Milligan I told him I didn’t need him anymore. Episode Ep 54 Mar 23, Episode Ep Aug 9, Episode Ep Nov 13,

Paul attempts to convince Zoe that she owes him a date. Troy’s presence in Ramsay Street causes stress for Sonya.

Kyle makes Jade promise to cancel her boot camp while she is injured. Will Susan’s jealousy push her back into his arms?

Neighbours 31st October Episode

He loves her, but can they make it work? Will this be the push he needs to get proper treatment? Kate ends up finding an unexpected source of support in Troy as she feels guilty. Written by KGF Vissers.

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Episode Ep 43 Mar 8, Summer attends Andrew’s Red Cotton gig and attempts to deal with the awkwardness of their new friendship. Episode Ep Sep 22, Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.


Jade is back for a fleeting visit, but will Kyle get what he wants before she leaves for good? Karl passes by and tells Tash he’s heard she’s staying at Chris’s place tonight. Episode Ep Sep 7, Well, I have a fourteen year old sister and a Uni course advisor who would definitely disagree with you! Susan makes plans to meet with a real estate agent thinking that she has outstayed her welcome at Toadie’s.

How does Paul plan to frame Ajay? Then they could make the third bedroom into a study. Kate explores far north Queensland in an effort to forget about Dominic. Paul is furious with Sophie for going to the party, but that’s just the start of his worries.

Meanwhile, Chris confronts Andrew about his betrayal. Harold’s Store, the following day Chris and Tash come in and sit down with Andrew. Episode Ep 20 Feb 4, Episode Ep 55 Mar 24, Rhys smirks quietly to himself.

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Episode Ep Aug 29, Meanwhile, what are Lou’s money troubles about? Episode Ep 53 Mar 22, Meanwhile, Paul gets some help.

Meanwhile, Georgia raises a few eyebrows. There’s a new face in the street, but why is Georgia getting such a cool reception?


Neighbours 7722 31st October 2017 Episode

That probably how they’d react too, if I really did tell them that. He holds her hand, supportively.

Episode Ep Oct 24, Episode Ep 44 Mar 9, Episode Ep Jul 3, Nothing seems to be going right for Rhys, but will he at least win the bet and kiss Jade? Unmissable Neighbours continues as Ramsay St has a baby explosion! Lou attempts to brush up on how to be British in neighbourw effortto be Dawn’s tour guide of the British Isles. But is that a good enough reason to marry him?

Kyle’s efforts to be honest with Jade are interrupted aftershe insists on supporting Neighbous. Episode Ep 98 May 24, Episode Ep 34 Feb 24, Meanwhile, Sonya comes around to Lucas’s crazy plans. Meanwhile, Summer reaches out to Tash. Why, because Aidan’s working? I reckon it could be neighbourw