She gets upset and runs off, while Callum almost gets into a fight with Alistair when he demands to know what happened. Georgia later comes to Amali and asks why she told the press that she wrote the song. Retrieved 5 November He also declares his feelings for Sonya, but she rejects him and he decides to move to Adelaide to be closer to his in-laws. Archived from the original on 10 June Harold’s Store Rhiannon is having trouble paying for her order as she’s short on funds.

Danni kisses Brennan, but he rejects her and she apologises. But I was wrong. Victoria then invites Steph back to her place for coffee. Paul comes in and has a whinge to Sheila. They begin dating, but Josie stops talking to Callum when he became angry with her for suggesting Jacob Holmes Clayton Watson has a crush on his mother. Amber Turner , played by Jenna Rosenow, made her first screen appearance on 7 February Rhys and Diane decide to skip dinner and leave together. He later steals the proceeds from Sonya’s nursery, packs his bags and decides to leave town.

When Rhiannon returns to Erinsborough, she brings Jackson with her and they move into Number A vengeful Rhiannon uses her new image to seduce Paul and leaves him handcuffed to a bed at Lassiter’s. Diane and Rhys leave early and Jana meets Kyle’s grandmother, Sheila. Later Ellen, whilst in hospital, confesses and is suspended from the force.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. His mother died shortly after giving birth to him and Jacob had to raise Elliott alone. Her phone then starts ringing and she wants to answer it, but Kyle tells her not to, he wants this dance at least with her. Marty Kranicplayed by Darius Perkinsmade his first appearance on 29 July Jacob returns shortly afterwards to care for his son. Harry attends a poker game run eepisode Robbo Slade and wins. Tina is charged for her crime and Georgia gets her job back.


This is not how neihbours flirt in Mount Isa! Brian admits to sending Priya obscene text messages, but when she reports him to the police, Brian states that Priya has been harassing him. neighbour

Weeks later, Steph and Victoria run into each other and Victoria enquires about the surrogacy. Nick King 12 August Chris visits Hudson, who tells him that he cut off contact as he needed time to prepare himself for prison.

Rhiannon states that that will not be happening and she leaves with a bottle of champagne that Allan bought. Retrieved 5 April Several months later, Ellen works with Mark on the Lassiter’s Explosion case. Later that year, Ellen and her partner, Victoriaare called to the hospital when Josie collapses from malnutrition.

They are thinking of renewing their vows and Sonya introduces her to Susan Kennedywho is training to be a celebrant. Carla Bonner Carol Crane: Paul forces a confession from Jayden and tells Sue that he will not press charges if she steps down as interim epusode. Sue and Jayden are questioned by the police and they later receive a six-month prison sentence each. Rhiannon agrees, and they shake on it.

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A few months later, Rhiannon returns to Erinsborough to help Matt in the corruption case against Paul. Amy then offers him an apprenticeship, which he accepts. Hudson also meets Chris Pappas and go on a date.


He tells her about the meeting he was at and that she’s been fired! He adds that he had to put the money into some fund.

He agrees, but only if she spends one night with him. I live in the most backward, parochial municipality in the entire southern hemisphere!

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Retrieved 3 December Montague attempts to kidnap Danni, but Brennan stops him. Shane Rebecchi Stonefish Rebecchi. Paul later berates Wendy for giving him a bottle of Californian sparkling wine, instead of French Champagne.

neughbours Erinsborough High Matt tries to reassure Cassie’s parents, Gary and Jennifer, that the police are doing everything they can to find Cassie. Kate asks how Amber would feel about sharing her experience with her peers; there’s no pressure, but she’s had an idea about how to stop this happening again.

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Toadie apologises to Walter and asks him to stay around. Ellen starts harassing Steph after Steph forms a relationship with Victoria. Paul meets with Marty and tells him that Lucas has told the police about him. Mason Turner intervenes and Ralphie later tells Chris that he has got a deal on some storm damaged cars, so everything is square between them.