Been taking some medication to keep me calm. Then this door handle THEE times. Click the lever in the left corner, when the farmer turns up, click the door, then click on a bail of hey as shown below. You can get the coordinates by hoevering over the stars. D To begin, visit the Observatory. Connect the stars and it will look like this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Head to any of the three shops in Altador: Then, return to the Janitor and press the button to open the ceiling.

It will look like this: It should be something like this: Average is about 30 seconds. This one looks good. Return to the janitor and request to go into the basement. They’re not interesting at all. Neopets Alerts Now There are no active daily alerts. O Place the Amulet onto her neck as before, and then step back

Just a rock, not like we don’t have a million of ’em neopwts anyway. Neopets Altador Plot “the Collector’s constellation”? Your coordinates will look something like this: Several other characters have comments to make on this: Now, the tab or window you have open with the constellation from the golden cup, click return to punch club it saves you doing it all again. All of your needed star data just isn’t there until a certain point in the plot, but it shows up eventually.

Janitor, we would like to look around in the basement. Well, it looks like you’ve only got two rocks there. Everyone staggers back, looking very dizzy, and puts their hands to their temples. You need to choose the correct choice for what he is doing. Open up the link for the telescope and find the first to rise constellation using the constellation finder results. Click this link choose The circus? One of the quarry workers blocks you as you try to step into the quarry. The quarry worker takes the 50 neopoints and hands you the rock.


Do this 10 times correctly in a row to complete. Visit the last page of the Book of Ages and click on the Darkest Faerie’s hands. We have precious little time. Then, plot it at your telescope! Check the other tabs for more. Then, all you have to do is to enter into the library and click on any of the doors. If the left side of the ceiling moves, remove that rock automatically. Try doing each gear individually to see which three open up the right side the widest.

That leads me to believe that you are choosing the wrong constellationn. The archivist says, “Strange, I’d overlooked that drawing of the Dar–” He hesitates for a moment, and gathers his composure.

Check the other tabs for more. Perhaps there’s some way to bring the stone to life? Finding the coordinates for the correct room, just searching randomly, would be You meopets to go and see Finneus again. Back to neopete Continue on to the Prizes. Take the stairs up to the Observatoryand click the ‘Return to the Hall of Heroes’ button.

It only goes till 11 and doesnt have the 12th constellation. Don’t know what you’d want a perfectly flat three-inch rock for, but The other quarry worker nudges him. When it says congratulations click continue. The Wocky approaches you. For the last time phew!

Altador Plot

If it was a computer problem, TNT’d have been reprimanded severely by the users and their bug reports of doom. Thank you sooooo much, i am a complete idiot, i had the right points since yesterday i just ran the line through them thinking they all connected.


Once you have the rock, run back to the Janitor, view the constellaton, and click on one of the gears. Buy Neopoints at the cheapest prices from our trusted partner today and become a Instant Neopets Millionaire Today! Hunter Constellation By blow.

Because it is completely random for each person, some people just keep click around till they get it. He plops into his chair and rests his chin on his hand. How do I find it. You will get a telescope. Click the dots and you will see: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Guide to QUICKLY Complete the Altador Plot [SHORTCUT] | Neopets Guides

There might be such a spell in the Archives somewhere, but the cataloguing system doesn’t go into detail about specific spells, just the titles of books. He shakes his head. Enter star data above Gatherer: To lay a rock in a gear and jam it up, just click on it. I guess that’s what can happen when you’re surrounded by square rocks all day. Sign In Sign Up. Make a note of the gears that open the right side of the roof the most, then put your rocks in the combination of three that will open it the furthest to the right.

Click the button he has next to him to adjust the ceiling. First is the star data and the constellation finder.