As much as this movie is about fascism and communism, it’s also about class differences and class clashes, and this is shown in the three Berlinghieri generations. Released in , Novecento is, as the title says it, a story of Italy in the 20th century, from its beginning to the year of its release. It’s a work of art, it must be watched. As adults they are played by Gerard Depardieu the peasant and de Niro. DeNiro, today the most famous of the actors who worked in this film, delivers one of his typically good performances, but he doesn’t reinvent himself like in Taxi Driver or Raging Bull. Dominique Sanda as Ada. Romolo Valli as Giovanni Berlinghieri.

The politics are also laughably simplistic and one-sided. But ” is vastly inferior to Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Godfather’ films. Already have an account? Interestingly, was not shown in the US at the time but popular in various parts of Europe. Novecento is effectively about the organisation of the labour rights movement in Italy and its clashes with Fascism. The two strong characters for me have to be Sutherland’s and Betti’s Attila and Regina. Antonio Piovanelli as Turo Dalco. The erection of a boy about 12 years old.

He’s lent his talent to many good movies over his legendary career Apocalypse Now, The Conformist, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Redsbut I’ve never loved the look of one of his movies so much except perhaps in an earlier, much neglected Bertolucci movie called The Spider’s Stratagem.

Grandfather Alfredo and Leo have a relationship based on respect and co-dependence. The sumptuous cinematography by Vittorio Storaro and the beautiful score by Ennio Morricone are reason enough to rejoice. Dubbing almost never works, but here it’s a disaster.

Sanda dementedly feigning blindness.

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Dec 7, Rating: Don’t have an account? I Am the Night. Alida Valli as Signora Pioppi. The action starts the year Italian composer Verdi dies, so it’s actually Bertolucci knows the Gregorian calendar unlike the majority who believe in pop nofecento.

Oct 23, Rating: He does what he can to give the acting credibility, but there’s not much you can do when the characterization is so ridiculous. The story is so finely constructed, the actors so good, the cinematography so breath-taking, the music so exciting, that one curses the unavoidable moment when the credits roll down the screen.


May 25, Full Review…. Donald Sutherland as Attila. Novecento is effectively about the organisation of the labour rights movement in Italy and its clashes with Fascism. The charismatic leads and director Bertolucci’s painterly sense of sets and cinematography add up to a film which is never dull, but I would advise watching “” in chunks.

DeNiro, Sanda, Betti and Depardieu are also very good, with Depardieu outshining DeNiro only because he has a more demanding and visible role. Fiml With a Plan.

The mannered elegance of the camerawork and lighting cocoons the whole sad mess within a veneer of utterly spurious ‘style. Feb 17, Rating: Great moments stud Bernardo Bertolucci’s Marxist epic, but the end result is ambiguous.

Novecento (1900)

It’s a shapeless mass of film stock containing some brilliant moments and a lot more that are singularly uninspired. Parallel to the labour rights movement’s organisation is the rise of fascism, streaminy by Attila Mellanchini Donald Sutherlandthe Berlinghieri forearm who organizes the local Black Shirts.

Other well-known names stremaing Donald Sutherland as a Blackshirt fascist who helps oversee the farm, Burt Lancaster as the Berlinghieri patriarch an interesting echo of his somewhat similar role in “The Leopard”Sterling Hayden as Olmo’s father and the always stunning Dominique Sanda as Deniro’s moodswinging wife.

The two strong characters for me have to be Sutherland’s and Streaminh Attila and Regina. Feb 4, Rating: Dec 7, Full Review…. Giacomo Rizzo as Rigoletto.

1900 (Novecento)

Paolo Pavesi as Alfredo as a child. The film is shot in four sections, each one employing a different color palette, to represent each station of the year.

Bertolucci’s first failure after a series of masterpieces is an ambitious but structurally shapeless and thematically ambiguous historical epic that doesn’t work even in its original cut of five hours. Jan 1, Rating: Also worthy of note is Ennio Morricone’s score, containing many of his most uplifting compositions.


A horse’s sphincter excreting at close range. And it’s the worst dubbing job I think I’ve bertoluxci seen. Allen Midgette as Vagabond.

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It’s a shame that Bertolucci ended on a sour note, by indulging himself so completely. Betti makes a great demonic pair with Sutherland. Alfredo Berlinghieri Robert Deniro inherits a life of comfort and power, while Olmo Dalco a streeaming Gerard Depardieu is among the many peasants living and working on the Berlinghieri family farm.

Sutherland’s Fascist girlfriend has a bizarre voice that makes her sound like Satan from ‘The Exorcist,’ which had come out just two years prior. Laura Betti as Regina.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Still, “” is simply too unique to be missed.

Robert De Niro as Alfredo Berlinghieri. There streaminb a break inserted near the halfway point — take it, and come back the next day. There is an odd undercurrent of homo-eroticism through the entire project, complete with de Niro and Depardieu doing full-frontal nudity together during yet another masturbation scene.

But they are not boyfriends. Sterling Streaning as Leo Dalco. Unwilling kept away from the war thanks to his father’s money, Alfredo sees Olmo’s return as good news until politics and his inevitable fate of becoming the new padrone get in the way, not to mention his inability to stand up to Attila.

Unfortunately, “”‘s weakest element is its closing section. Throughout the 3 and a half hour running time we get to the say the relationship between the two and their families against some stunning cinematography.

The cast is large though not as large as one might expect, considering the story’s scope.