I am curious to see if its just an interesting camera shot with MJ hvaing a midnight picni with Q or someone spying on them. I actually feel for Wali and for all those who must be in a similar situation in real life. Poor MJ seems to have low immunity…. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Wali actually saying more than one line was worth watching though and Amtul scenes were definitely good though! I totally could not get why it was so important, except that BS was indulging N, keeping her happy and engaged, much as one would keep a child occupied. Even after multiple rewinds, the mumbles remain mumbles. Woh nahin chahti theen ke woh jaayen..

I feel sorry for the 14 crore awam and the rest who were deprived of a masterpeice!.. Jomlay itna lambay hain ka parnay walay ko partay partay neend ajaye. It seems the makers are trying to push the pairing of N and W as the most romantic ever Ugh…. Now my bit of mumkins. Please from now on do include yr suggestions whenever Numm gives us stupid filler scenes like the nest! I think these silly little things r driving me insane.. I am pretty sure N must have repeated at least a few classes given how she has come on the right track after marrying W according to Minahil. But then how can you blame her….

Sorry Kanza, you got a chance of a lifetime with FK, or so would many think, and nivember just became too cheesy. The scenes are dragging…. So you are quite right, it is because of him that. I did watch the first season of downton on dvd. Woh nahin chahti theen ke woh jaayen. His acting skills r to bass kia kehne. I think her hair is a good spot to perch that nest.

SZ pleeeaase yaar aisa to naa kahin aap!! I mean is it not part of story telling to be clear on important developments so that the interest of the viewers does not wander? In this episode W states clearly he is 27 years old…. You simply have to stick with us till the end of the drama! Except this one talks to trees and kuttays. Waisey tumharey dada ji ne sirf Europe key tix deye they W: Having said that I think N the character has brought new light into the Haveli.


How did six weeks pass by so quick? Wali seems equally confused nlvember unsure.

He calls her incessantly when she is not around, calls her out for her late arrival home, but then when she calls him, he is angry with her — what is sauce for the gander is clearly not sauce for the goose in this case. Too many things numj this episode should have been shown earlier I think and wohi purana rona with the basic technicalities.

So glad to see your review SZ!! I continue to admire W for standing up for MJ or at least not saying anything bad about her in front of N.

Numm ~ Episode 11 ~ Review – Desi Rants N Raves

The nest ,,it took ages, then the rotation of the fan. I am curious to see if its just an interesting camera shot with MJ hvaing a midnight picni with Q ddrama someone spying on them.

I think right novembef they are in dire need of ur services to decipher the codes for them too. I think Jane Austin style period drama set in a grand, thing of the past oozing with splendour, desi mahol will make a suberb desi drama.

The tragedy in maintaining this attitude is, even to hear the whole story you need to first HEAR!!! I was touched by that. Yes, what was up with that set change — Nummm was so novemner, and now this voiceover …mumkin hai I spoke too early and it is entirely mumkin ke I might not be able to make it through to the end ….

Now my bit of mumkins. First off thank you again SZ for listening and re-listening to the mumblings and numblings. Mumkin hai is drama ke mumkinaat samajh aayen.

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drmaa Farah Shah is outstanding, partly because she managed to make her scenes worth watching despite novenber fact the KW was in them. Paris main poora ek hafta rahenge W: Keeping in mind all the mumkinaat, anything is possible in this drama.


There is mainland Europe and then there is Britain. But agree with all the frustrations, I think its abt time to move the story forward at the right pace minus all the failing distractions. The one I am talking abt is the one tht ppl usually post stuff from, over here.

Qasim are equally valid. It took so much away from scenes that could have been productive.

Mumkin hai wali ki frustrations uska forced to handle responsibilities of feudal lord in future ka dar ho. The posture and the body language were both quite repulsive and nauseating.

Seems like qasim is not MJs Sonotherwise why would he call her by her name. Also is it just me, or does she remind anyone else of Anushka Sharma at times? I know I am mad!. SZ Godforbid Slima ko kion miss karne lagi mein! Sabr ki bhi hadd hoti hai! I also wish they would shed some light over the relationship between W and Amtul. Even i was flabbergasted when I read that comment on FB page. Hi SZ glad to see your review and understand much better than to rewind and see again and again.

And her falling over? If that was what he was supposed to do for the rest of his life then why even bother sending him abroad for a stint at an elite educational institution? You are commenting using your WordPress.

She was the only character that I felt for in this play but now I feel her victimhood is being taken to another level. Numm mein nimm nahi hai!!

FA a major in literature, minor in maths and extra credits for logical reasoning and audio deciphering. It has all the masala of our novmeber kahanis but zara hutke.