Chiwa tells Eita that she will be popular in no time and get a boyfriend. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Don’t ya just love double standards! BBCode “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”. And oh, our MC who acts like a dumbass all the time. Manga series manga manga anime television series Japanese novels A-1 Pictures Anime and manga based on light novels Harem anime and manga Light novels Gangan Comics manga Romantic comedy anime and manga Seinen manga Television programs based on light novels Tokyo MX shows.

Anime and Manga portal. Ordinal Scale Fairy Tail: Archived from the original on June 27, Yup, I have been thinking the same damn thing ever since the credits started rolling on this episode. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Restore the World Persona 3 The Movie:

The fact that his parents divorced, found new lovers, and left him in the care of his aunt, he shuns anything to do with romance or love.

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So many things wrong with this show it is preventing me from turning off my brain and enjoying it. Square Enix in Japanese. Eita keeps finding new love letters in his shoebox, but before he can deal with them a new girl, Himeka Akishino, shows up and hugs him in front of Masuzu and Chiwa. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: And your post just confirmed it. The Golden Animation Black Butler: But their performance blew me away and I’ve been liking their music since.


Masuzu tells Eita that she wants him to not look at other girls. July 15, [7].

Instead, Eita unintentionally inspires all three of the other girls to fight even harder to win his affections. The club decides to go to the beach for their summer club activity. Chiwa asks Eita to accompany her to buy a swimsuit.

Wednesday, October 29, Anime: Yup, I have been thinking the same damn thing ever since the credits started rolling on this episode.

She’s just an ass! Yumekui Kenbun Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Its kinda lame that I pretty much understood all the references.

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Osananajiimi theory is so romantic. Mana put in her place. Trinity Soul Birdy the Mighty: Retrieved March 2, Love is pretty much ruined for Kidou Eita, an ordinary highschool student when his parents split up with new lovers and left their only son behind. I Like this anime though, Eita realizing he can see through the white shirts when they get wet XD Mana, man I hate her so far, although sounds like a dysfunctional family.

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Almost appearing that she is “broken” as Eita puts kannojo. April 22, [32]. Retrieved January 25, Book of Murder Your Lie in April: Saeko offers osananajomi girls a chance to save money on the trip by entering a marketing contest for her new game, and intentionally excludes Masuzu. It’s hard to keep watching, the drama feels forced, and there are too many scenes that are so cringey it hurts to watch. I’ve had enough, dropped.


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One day, the school’s No. Works by A-1 Pictures.

There have been four manga adaptations and an anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures aired from January to March I hope she doesn’t get nearly as much screentime as she did in this episode. Like she’s not even tsundere! As Miss Beelzebub Likes B.

Don’t ya just love double standards! December 15, [26].

The club reopens with Ai joining as ofe adviser. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Masuzu has the same idea but she is there to watch something else unfold. Tuesday, September 16, Masha’s “Hello, Cyanide” single released. Two volumes for Inase’s manga were released: