But given the entrenched interest of those who are discontent with the change many express concern that it could pose a danger to the opportunities that we now see. Now, Kenya had seen this coming and we cannot pretend we were unaware of the goings on in Ethiopia. In , I joined the boycott of Coca Cola Company for its disrespectful and humiliating treatment of the great Ethiopian patriot Teddy Afro. Ethiopia state of emergency vote failed — U. Historic day in the Horn of Africa as Eritrea and Ethiopia agree to normalize relations after years of cold war. I think it is something that the government has to engage on, it is engaging on. It could disrupt counterterrorism efforts in Somalia and reduce the number of peacekeeping troops in South Sudan. But time is short, numbered in weeks, maybe days.

Local nongovernmental organisations and opposition parties operate under similar restrictions: The city, still angry about unjustified cancellation of the OFC event a day earlier, erupted in protest against the beating on streets. They have flared up with all the major upheavals and subsequent power vacuums of recent decades, such as the agrarian reforms of and the introduction of the federal system in I grew up in the Washington DC. To us, once again, this seems to be an expression, to some extent, the desire of the people for change being perceived to be becoming a reality. The system of government introduced in , and monopolised by Meles Zenawi from the early s, is irremediably dead.

But we felt that it was being undercut by the fact that the Ethiopian people were growing increasingly dissatisfied with their own governments.

If open fighting broke out between those regions, it would affect the whole country.

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But I think we have to acknowledge that we have seen enormous change in a very brief amount of time since Prime Minister Abiy was selected. How does the US react to the recent geopolitical shifts in alliances happening in the Horn of Africa due to the Qatar crisis? They were talking to us about what 337 thought we might be able to do to support that and they were talking about what they themselves were planning to do.


If the government decides against the option, the resolution will move onto the House floor. The fact of the matter is that the T-TPLF bosses today are desperadoes, criminals with no place to run or hide. It can be built on four cornerstones. Ambassador Raynor arrived in Ethiopia to assume his role in September The oppositions must have a certain amount of time to build their electoral machines, but the date should be as soon as draka.

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Even the hatchet-faced security officials appeared relaxed. I hope both the international and local media will not make these and similar mistakes as they continue to report on this issue. We also look forward to working more openly with local civil society groups and activists as the sector rebuilds itself.

Back in the s we had a president named John F. Darg and Wayyaanee did not have legal share in church affairs.

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I hope it ends that way — as an dheeebuu example of the type. For example, we spoke about all the great reforms happening, and we also talked about our concerns. I think we see it. All this is happening at the same time as a massive influx of firearms into the country, many from Sudan.

In Zimbabwe, socialist rhetoric yielded to the reality of a destroyed economy for the many and rich pickings for a few party hacks loyal to Mr Mugabe. In a matter of months, in countries as disparate as Angola and Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and South Africa, entrenched leaders have been falling like ninepins.

We are really inspired by the pace of change and by the scope of change. Simply stated, nonviolent social change by civil disobedience and mass resistance simply means the people have lost their fear of their oppressors.


The African Union mission in Somalia, already on its last legs, would probably not survive a sudden and wholesale withdrawal of Ethiopian forces — and countless civilian lives in Southern Sudan would be endangered. Local nongovernmental organisations and opposition drrama operate under similar restrictions: Anger at the perceived economic and political dominance of the small Tigrean ethnic faction is a moving force behind the protests, and the threat of a genocide or other targeted ethnic violence against Tigrean individuals appears to be escalating.

Why the hell he joined OPDO if he is so averse to ethnicity?

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Regime in Ethiopia just declared new state of emergency for a third time since onset of OromoProtests in early And because many of these activists have been a thorn in the side of previous Ethiopian administrations, has there ever been a request for any one of them to be deported to Ethiopia, as some people in Darma have publicly suggested?

We want it for the sake of Ethiopia, but we also want it for the sake of the US. It is a really consequential issue.

They have realised they cannot continue in the same old way. Here are the heroes! He is an Ethiopian Prime Minister representing the entirety of the Ethiopian people including the Oromo people. The principles that apply to a violent revolution apply equally to a peaceful nonviolent revolution. Looked from principles of human rights country and governance belongs to all that live in it.