The new Pooltest 9 Premier builds on the phenomenal success of its predecessor, with the same ease of use that made it the best selling pool photometer in the world. Smith Video Library S. The Pooltest 9 Premier adds the ability to store and selectively recall up to test results from its on-board memory. Bluetooth communication, extended chlorine reading and a direct reading with large backlit display for ease of use and Langelier Saturation Index. Palintest alkalinity, tests. Download the Brochure to view the full range of both digital and visual pool and spa monitoring technologies, together with the list of compatible consumables and accessorises. Palintest sulfate, tests Item: Pack of 5 glass cuvettes with caps.

Palintest cyanuric acid, tests Item: Palintest Pooltest 9 check standards Qty: Palintest manganese high range, tests Item: Wherever pools are located, the Pooltest 9 Premier is also present ensuring that bather safety and comfort are protected. Palintest total chlorine, tests. Smith Video Library S.

Calibrating Palintest Photometers Palintest calibrate photometers using certified colour standards that are traceable back to National Physical Laboratory NPL standards.

Palintest launch Pooltest 9 Premier

Professional Pool Testing Ensure the bather experience is always positive with accurate and reliable control of disinfection using the Palintest DPD method. Controlling water quality in hydrotherapy centres See how the Pooltest 9 Photometer is used at an Elite Sports medicine and rehabilitation centre to control the treatment of the water in the hydrotherapy suite. Pooltest 25 Professional Plus.


Up to data sets. Palintest total chlorine, tests Item: The instrument can be supplied in a choice of portable or benchtop kits making it convenient for a variety of facilities: Palintest hydrogen peroxide, tests Qty: Palintest free copper, tests Item: LaMotte Lenox Lincoln Lochinvar. Palintest hydrogen peroxide, 50 tests Item: As with the existing Pooltest 9, the new Premier model uses photometric analysis to provide accurate readings for key water testing parameters.

Palintest extended total chlorine, tests Qty: Tuesday, 28 December, Palintest calcium hardness, tests Qty: Palintest total chlorine, tests Qty: Each data set includes date, time, sample ID, operator ID, method number, method name, result, units. The new luxury spa at the 4 star Ramside Hall Palinteet in County Durham is celebrating its first anniversary this month.

Existing customers click here to request Login. Palintest chlorine HR, tests Qty: Additional testing capability improves the control of key parameters such as Palinest Balance, all in an intuitive and accurate photometer. Uses Palintest tablet reagents for rapid and reliable results.

Palintest launch Pooltest 9 Premier

Palintest alkalinity, tests Qty: Products and tests you are enquiring about. Palintest cyanuric acid, tests Qty: Palintest extended total chlorine, tests Item: Introducing aplintest Heatseeker Vortex inverter heat pumps. Single-key direct access to all parameters Battery or mains powered and completely waterproof On-board data log, downloadable via Bluetooth or USB and share with colleagues and customers via the Aqua Pal app.


Palintest sulfate, tests. Palintest extended free chlorine, tests. Palintest manganese high range, tests Qty: Palintest calcium hardness, 50 tests Item: Deck and Competitive Equipment.

Palintest Pooltest

Bluetooth data transfer and USB for data download, software upload. A check standard is a product Palintest offer that allows you to check the performance paliintest your Palintest photometer wherever you are.

The Palintest method of testing is unparalleled in accuracy compared to traditional test kits.

The Pooltest 9 Premier is quick and easy to use and is fully integrated with the Palintest tablet test reagents. Palintest calcium hardness, 50 tests. Palintest Pooltest 9 check standards Item: It measures all the routine pool parameters, all disinfectants, balanced water tests, and is fully integrated with the world renowned Palintest tablet test reagents. Palintest 9 tests.