Belt Rare Belt – can be picked mainly for the defensive utility. We recommend helping Oak for increased Life Regen. Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic. Gloves Hrimburn These gloves allow us to convert physical damage to cold. EKShadowSin February 2, at 9: Consider helping out in updating the wiki for 3.

Snagging Mind Over Matter is a solid move as well with the Trickster sub-class because Walk the Aether means you never need mana for your attack while Weave the Arcane significantly improves your mana re generation. Belt Leather Belt Ideally look for leather belt with at least life and as much resistances as you can find. Voll’s Protector Holy Chainmail. Taste of Hate If you can afford it 5. I am still wondering whether the projectiles increase. Shawn December 24, at 1:

Increases Physical Damage taken by cursed enemies. Below you will find the recommended gear for this Disintegrator Cyclone Juggernaut knivs. There really is such a small window of usefulness with barrage. I was really hoping for the skill to be a fun primary use skill for bows, as I currently find bow gameplay overly boring. LOL Nice boss tickling there mate!

You can wear two of those. This page was last edited on 19 Januaryat I have two auras, Hatred and Haste. This build uses Cyclone with the powerful Disintegrator Elder staff.

Fixed a problem where the character would not run knuves range of an enemy before using the skill.

Simony Dec 12,7: For our other Path of Exile builds visit: Shop Buy Packs Microtransactions Specials. Although a great leader during the war, Voll proved disastrous in times of peace.


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Your Ethereal Knives becomes a volley of ebony knives. Increased spell damage 3.

Most of the game data is live. Despite the fact that it does physical damage, Ethereal Knives is a spell and not an attack. Stat priorities on items: The list below shows microtransactions for Ethereal Knives.

Perhaps knockback fixes this but still Very Un-original Build Question. ViperThunder Dec 12,7: Increased Critical Strikes Support – increases the chance to Critically Hit with both your supported skills. Your email address will not nkives published. This is mostly aimed at people that do not have mana leech enchant on boots and need a way to reliably regain spent mana. This build was specifically designed for the Incursions League for several main reasons: Flask Flask Setup Flask setup for the build: Posted by Gubert on Sep 28,3: Cheap Setup – Trypanon mace and Tabula.

Skill Reveals – Soulrend and Bane Feb 25,8: Dec 12,9: Linking Ice Nova into the chain might be interesting as well, especially if you use something like Flicker Strike as the proc attack. The following helmet enchantments affect Od Knives.

If you want to try something fun you could try snagging a Whispering Ice and utilizing that in a Cast on Crit build. We would like to continue our work on this project and possibly make Cast on Melee Kill Support Gem popular, since it has very limited uses, yet provides quite interesting mechanic.


Barrage – TERRIBLE! Or am I missing something?

Forum Index Code of Conduct Search. So yes twice more procs but not 3 v Snagging power charge nodes, increased AoE nodes, the spell damage from power charge, and frenzy charge nodes is also a good bjild. Cannot support totems, traps, or mines. To survive the harsh winters, you must be like the fox. I wonder if puncture dxile the DOT boosts would be better for bosses The dps is k not 3.

Quill Rain Short Bow. Beyond that the only extra links you need are for support gems you also want to affect the attack.

If you wanted to take Sire of Shards in a different direction you could utilize it with the Shadow and run Ethereal Knives as the Cast on Crit spell. Juggernaut is extremely tanky and staying alive in Incursions is critical Very fast clear speed will allow you to stay longer in the Incursions, earning you better rewards Most cirt the recommended gear listed is unpopular in other builds – as soon as they are found by other players, they will be most likely offered for sale For our other Path of Exile builds visit: Now Playing and for the next 50 years: