I wanted to thank you for recommending me for that role. He has three smash hits in a row! He was offered a clerk’s job and a salary higher than that he got at his job in railways. Once when he decided to quit the scene because it had only a small dialogue to be delivered, he remembered the words of his mentor Gogon Pakrashi. He thought that it didn’t matter whether or not he received any payment, ”What was twenty rupees when measured against the intense satisfaction of a small job done with perfection and dedication”? As he practices, he realises that a monosyllabic exclamation could be said in different ways and carried different meanings. Answer the following questions briefly. Maybe we have erred in some way.

He feels upset and displeased at this dialogue. Along with, he worked out how he would react physically when the collision take place, how his features would be twisted in pain, how he would express pain and surprise. So how many lines did you get to speak? I am really hungry. Patol Babu was ecstatic about the offer to act in the film because he had a passion for acting. His early days were the days of stage and acting. Then, With his little scene where he had to utter an insignificant “Oh!

I was amazed to discover that he did not want to collect his money. Answer Patol Babu was indeed a meticulous man.

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It is a single exclamatory word ‘Oh! He was offered a clerk’s job and a salary higher than that he got at his job in railways. But with time he forgot about his passion for acting. When the shot was ready, he suggested to Barren Mullick if he had a newspaper open in his hand then it would be more natural and realistic. He had lost many jobs and was finding it difficult to make his both ends meet. So what happened at shooting today?


Patol Babu was always in demand in Jatras theatricals, which were put up by the club in his neighbourhood.

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Answer Patol babu has all these thoughts as soon as he gets the dialogue from Jyoti. Give a character sketch of Patol Babu giving evidence from the text. He performs his act with perfection, dedication and experience intense satisfaction of true actor.

Patol Babu has not been successful in many of his endeavours. Thq 4 the help. Tell me about your part? It was a very small part with almost no dialogue.

Those boards had gained popularity and every time the ghosts were disturbed. Answer Patol Babu was taken aback by the acting offer.

People used to buy tickets to specially see Patol Babu. Patol Babu was taken aback by the acting offer.

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Patol Babu was a passionate actor in his early days. He writes a diary entry in this state of mind. For him his role was more important than the opportunity. He worked out his steps, his reactions and his face expressions.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10th: Ch 5 Patol Babu, Film Star English

Thus, he didn’t wait to collect his payment. In our busy lives we seldom notice exceptional people who look quite ordinary.


The character he described reminded Nishikanto Babu of Patol Babu so he gave him his address and asked him to get in touch with him. Do you know there are cameras focused at every angle?

It is very different from stage. The way he described the character reminded Nishikanto Ghosh of Patol Babu. Plenty of heavy equipments and expensive cameras are used. He was a true actor for whom creative satisfaction was foremost and not money. Patol was a genuine actor who began his acting career as a stage artist years ago.

Short Answer Type Questions 1. So, Patol Babu refused to take the reward for the work done. But he does not lose heart. Art is no more considered to be a passion but a pursuit to earn money and it holds true in the context of the aolutions also. Patol Babu was true performer.

By Shivam Verma – September 27, It was indeed a pleasure meeting you the other day. Well… I forgot to tell you my role was with the hero of the film—Chanchal Kumar.

He also shares his experience at the film shoot including the excitement and deep satisfaction that he derived from the same. He believed that even if the job was small one should do it whole heartedly and put in one’s best efforts.