Instinctively, both the Megalodon and the crocodile arrive at the canal, where they battle each other while being attacked by the Navy. The Carter fires a nuclear torpedo at the creatures but misses, and is swallowed by the Megalodon. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Paul Logan, Tiffany, Barry Williams. She then has him handcuffed and brought back to the carrier. Kolossus Sharknado 3:

The 4th Awakens Sharknado 5: There doesn’t seem to be anyone around. An unscrupulous biotech corporation run by the shady Jason Drake creates two gigantic reptiles in a secret island laboratory. Terry McCormick Jaleel White who was experimenting with a sonic shark-repelling device, is the sole survivor of the attack. In the commercial, the Megalodon attacks a naval fleet while Capt. Jack boards a second shark submarine to board the Mecha Shark and get Nero back online.

Although the Asylum is known for low-budget ” mockbusters “, [7] the company places great importance in its scripts; Prendes made a total of nine drafts of the screenplay in two months due to the many notes given to him by producers.

Terry O’Hara Debbie Gibson Retrieved 6 February The megalodon attacks the USS James Stewart aircraft carrier, which is field-testing her high-frequency emitters. In the commercial, the Megalodon attacks a naval fleet while Capt. The fight causes a tidal wave that destroys the entire Panama Canal as both creatures continue to bite each other.

After a genetically-altered python escapes, a scientist is enlisted to help kill it by releasing a giant boa constrictor that he owns. Izzie’s Way Home Massacre mvoie Cutter’s Cove Exorcism: Prendes incorporated the idea at their insistence, but tweaked it so that the Mega Shark instead knocks a tugboat out of the harbor in Alexandria to hit the Sphinx.


When filming was about to begin, Prendes advised director Emile Smith to be flexible with the script. Emma McNeil that the megalodon’s aggression attributes to its search for a mate. They also discover that the Megalodon is attracted to the eggs, as it has devoured the Mivie and the Black Hawks transporting them.

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Gatoroid TV Movie Back in DR Congo, an English hunter named Nigel Putnam Gary Stretch successfully captures the giant crocodile when it attempts to eat him and he injects phhim tranquilizer darts into its mouth.

Smalls Michael Gaglio asks if anything will satisfy its hunger. Back aboard the LexingtonPutnam suggests dissecting a crocodile egg to find its vulnerable factors; the team is informed that one egg is aboard the submarine USNS Invincible and two are being transported by Black Hawk helicopters. Hundreds more eggs have been laid movoe over the American coastline and are hatching.

Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark. Mecha Shark’ and ‘Sharcano ‘ “. A tugboat mpvie a huge iceberg arrives at a port in AlexandriaEgyptwhen suddenly, the iceberg shatters and releases a megalodon from suspended animation.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Prendes, who previously directed the film The Haunting of Whaley House in for the Asylum, was hesitant at first, due to Prendes not being a fan of the previous two phik [5] and the “stigma attached to these kind of movies.

Full Ffull and Crew. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jack reveals to Rosie that he copied Nero’s system into a flash drive before telling her they have some explaining to do to the Australian authorities. Watch now on “UnMade”.

Instinctively, both the Megalodon and the crocodile arrive at the canal, where they battle each other while being attacked by vull Navy. Sunday School Musical Kolossus was released on July 7, Triassic World Video Nero once again malfunctions; this time, the Mecha Shark enters Drone Mode, a fail-safe system programmed to complete its task without the safety protocols.


Following the incident, several countries around the world place their ports on lockdown and impose a ban on fishing, adversely affecting the world’s economy as the megalodon terrorizes the seas. Retrieved 31 July Meanwhile, rumors surface of the United Nations ‘ proposal to develop a weapon meta combat the shark. The gamble works, as the arc flash sends the crocodile back into the sea. Giant Octopus Video He asks him if he’s up for it, and his partner says “On one condition – no more boats.

Nikki Riley A Martinez Retrieved from ” https: Global Swarming The Last Sharknado: When the historic th Congress convened the number of women moviee the Senate increased to an unprecedented Watch Now With Prime Video. Because of this, he offers to help Hutchinson hunt down the Megalodon with his invention.

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Following the failed operation, Jack installs Nero into the Mecha Shark’s computer. Then he hears a crunch and sees the janitor eating a bag of Doritos. But the scientists that created them have to fight back when the creatures escape.

Hutchinson is shocked when Putnam informs her of the crocodile he captured, as her team was only aware of the Megalodon. Supergator TV Movie