Close You are currently browsing the version: Altiplano The Ultimate Elegance Discover the collection. Close Your creation has been added to your shopping bag. Looking at the back of the Altiplano 43mm is really something special, and the artistry and elegance of this caliber is nothing short of exceptional. The case and the movement are one unit with the Altiplano P. In most cases, I would say that statement is true. But now, thinner by a full.

Give us your consent I agree to my personal data being stored and used to receive the newsletter or other updates about Monochrome Watches. Yes, sapphire glass Case size: They released the 12P, a 2. Jeans and shirt, or even a nice sweater? No frills or anything, exactly like pretty much everything about this watch. The fact that Piaget isn’t often listed among the Pateks and Langes of the world can work to your advantage.

Those are the simple facts.

A Week On The Wrist: The Piaget Altiplano 43 MM Automatic – HODINKEE

They were perfecting an absolutely stunning automatic movement, the 2. Three years later, Piaget did it again, with now an automatic movement that was just 2.

The visuals are the same; sun-ray blue dial with central cross, gold baton indexes and hands ultda-thin sharp design of the case. One of piager greatest challenges here was ensuring that the crystal could sit as low as possible without pressing on the hands when subjected to pressure. There are components in all, and every one fits within the thickness of the balance wheel.

During the review, I never had any trouble getting enough grip on the crown in order to wind it. Steel parts are satin-brushed and screws are blued, while the wheels are circular sunray-brushed. The concept of the modern ultra-thin watch is built behind the ultra-tin that they are worn to elegant affairs, with, at autimatic, a fine suit and tie, and at maximum, a tuxedo. Prices and availability will be clarified at that time.

H10 The Green Room Interviews: Timeless purity and classicism converge in this ultra-thin white-gold timepiece, which pays homage to the elegance and refinement characteristic of Piaget. Piaget is known both for its thin mechanical watches and its work in the field of high jewelry. Visit Piaget for more details. The main gear train and balance wheel are laid out horizontally in the bridges, so most of the mechanism is visible right up front.


With its 43 hours of autonomy, when fully wound, this Altiplano needs to be wound almost on a daily basis. For now, no more details on this are being released, as you might expect, but it’s one of those small things that could represent a big change in ultra-thin movements long-term.

G0A in carat white gold Movement: After several weeks on the wrist however, I can tell you it was exactly the opposite. While this is certainly a sizeable sum, it’s extremely reasonable for this watch.

Piaget Altiplano automatic ultra-thin watch

Update my browser now. The new Altiplano is a thoroughly modern and masculine watch, a watch that is sized for today but built with yesterday in mind. This movement is now also available in the new Altiplano 60th Anniversary model. Really an awesome choice. In most cases, I would say that altilano is ultra-thim. The thinnest wheel in the P is alyiplano third wheel of the main gear train, which comes in at only.

Yet the two very thin layers of white gold — both seem to have the exact same thickness — look so balanced. It has taken some serious technological breakthroughs to get to a staggering 3. I’ve found that many real watch guys would much rather be wearing a piece that doesn’t attract too much attention, but has a story to tell should someone ask.

Also, the increased dimensions of the case allowed for a larger dial that now has enough breathing space to nicely position the small seconds indicator without making the minimalistic dial look unnecessarily cluttered. Overall appearance Before piage this review, I had a feeling that I might find the Piaget Altiplano, at least in the reviewed execution, could be slightly boring. Altiplano watch Altiplano watch, 43 mm. Traditionally, all three hands are stick-shaped, as are the hour markers, and lack any amount of luminous substance whatsoever.


The real limiting factors with the Altiplano P are a the thickness of the balance wheel and b how thin a wheel can be made without risking distortion or breakage. An oiaget doesn’t have to be only for a suit and tie altiplao of guy anymore, and this watch proves that. This Piaget Altiplano — mind you, there are several variations with automatic movements, skeletonized movements, a small second hand, and a date indication — gets as close as possible to being the perfect dress watch.

InPiaget first showed the world that an ultra-thin automatic movement was even possible. This watch is an every day watch that just happens to be the thinnest automatic in the world, and it is fantastic. Yes, sapphire glass Case size: A truly modern classic that is both sober and elegant. You have a tremendously beautiful caliber decorated to the finest of details.

It is reported that Piaget Altiplano in a white gold case ref. Update your browser to view this website correctly.

For example, could you see yourself wearing Patek Philippe’s Calatrava on the weekends, sized at 35mm? You are currently browsing the version: To celebrate ipaget mark’s th ultra-thon, the Piaget has gone for the biggest record of all and released the Altiplano P, the world’s thinnest mechanical watch.

Off-centered micro-rotor in pink gold, Dedicated index-assembly signed with a letter “P” for Piaget, Balance stop. You have an supremely elegant dress watch to be worn at the most formal of occassions.