P so why not? And, yes, I’m one of them guilty fans of the other versions of the drama: The PK version ended nicely, but in a hurried way. The best Naoki for me would be the INK version. His affection for her seemed to pop out of nowhere. I also love the characters in the movie.

Dad has a quiet drink alone, sweetly caressing the bronzed hands and feet of his wife and daughter. Actually even in the outtakes NGs , he’s still memorizing the scripts. Playful Kiss Special Edition. Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. OR You can watch it at Dramacrazy. Seung Jo had no ability to express emotional changes on his face so half the time I was wondering if he was an actual robot or not.

Where can I watch the Bonus Playful Kiss episode in eng sub? ( baek sung jo’s diart too)?

As for the editing and some of that stuff, well it could have been a lot better but it didn’t kkss me from liking the drama so it’s all good. Then you too can live happily ever after.

I would check out the earlier Japanese drama or the manga to have a better idea of the story in regards to the male character. Living breathing girl, totally into you, and not in love with Baek Seung-jo! The best thing about the PK version was the mom and ddramacrazy little brother.

Answer Questions My boyfriend is thirsting over a bunch of Kpop rappers named b t s or something like that Not the best k-drama but the most k-drama I love! I do not think such story line which targets the young should encourage characters without ambition, life goal or self esteem because of their imitative tendency.


I’ve seen all three versions, and I know I shouldn’t really compare but I can’t help it. KHJ looks su gentle in PK, especially with his death kiss. The story line closely followed the manga which I liked.

Where can I watch the Bonus Playful Kiss episode in eng sub? A big thank you to those who suggested I watch WGM. Episode 12 by Ent.

Cast – Playful Kiss. Open your eyes, dear Duckie! Kim Hyun Joong Main Cast. Medical university in south korea? Kim Hyun Joong is beautiful and a very good actor especially considering the script he had to work with I think that it started out well, and was even a little exciting in the beginning, but it seemed that as time went on, the writers didn’t know what else to put in there, so they just put everything in!

Actually thought his portrayal of Seung Jo was quite good. I give Jung So-min a standing ovation and wild applause for carrying this whole show on her adorable little shoulders.

Playful Kiss

Do you like watching your anime with eng subs? KHJ is so handsome I really wish there’s something more to the character. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! At home, he cops to using it as motivation for Ha-ni to get into the nursing program, and adds that messing with Olayful is his greatest joy in life.

Seung-jo sighs that he really wanted to take Ha-ni on a date [per their deal to go on a date if she passes]but a promise is a promise. Sometimes quite a lot, but most of the time with a sense of detachment. How can a girl at the bottom of her high school class ever hope to capture the attention of the smartest, most popular boy?


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This drama version was pretty awesomecompared to the other version! This drama had it’s magic. Yesterday I finished all the episodes including dramacraxy 7 YouTube bonuses seriously you have to watch those, that’s where the character development is between Han Ni and Seung Jo to be honestand I am honestly glad that I didn’t give up on it at first.

I am now completely addicted to this dude! This Site Might Help You. I can’t help but love this drama. I like how light it is and how cute the actors are.

For me, the interaction between OHN and duckie the second male lead is way much more natural. BTW love Seung Jo’s hair do!

Ha-ni showed some forward movement, even in her tiny snail way, and even though the emergency rescue was so obviously shoehorned in, at least she admits to having chosen nursing for Enng, and now feels a new sense of purpose in pursuing it for the right reasons.

In fact I love the casting.