While the boys can often be found jamming on musical instruments in between classes, Joon-gu spends a lot of his energies following Ha-ni around, trying to win her affections. Thank you JB and GF for the recaps. So I moved on to the second episode, which is actually better. Ace October 21, at 9: Duckie and Hera were played really well, and definitely enjoyed Hani’s cute and Mom’s awesomeness even if it was crossing her boundaries, sometimes. Gah, these extended fantasies that never end! Still, she hardly deserves such a drubbing from him. XD But I loved her portrayal of the role.

Coz he is the most complex and mind-boggling character I’ve known, ever. This drama, i mean. I like that they went this route, which is far more realistic than Ha-ni threading a needle and making it in on her first try. I love Goong, I hope I will love this too. I am going to miss this drama Oh Ha-ni, waking from her latest crush-induced fantasy, races off as the bell rings. I am actually surprised too about JB forgiveness and it is really the first time i disagree with some commentary of hers. Last but not least I ll miss Han i and Eun jo hahaha his comment about him behind a teenager when he walked in on them made me laugh so hard..

Seung-jo makes his appearance, calm and cool as you please, blithely ignoring the squealing of girls who ooh over his entrance. I guess it suits him more to become a meanie?

Dude the gil looks retarded change her pls. Even though I know I was disappointed with the first episode, a part of me still wanted to believe PK will pick itself up in time. I think you might like episode playrul a little bit better.

I hated the very first episode of ROI, got sucked into the next few but in the end, I fell head over heals with the drama. I am so glad that they ended up introducing Christine though it did look really rushed but I am going to let go of that.


Would kisd have benefited from a longer drama length. Carinne September 4, at Duckie finds himself looking for Chris when she stops stalking him, and curious about her. Without your site I wouldn’t have made awesome acquaintances. What can you do with won in korea? Age is funny that way. However, everything else is a sort of a mess, especially with the portrayal of the passage of time. Seung-Show was certainly not perfect, but neither was Fan-i, who had all sorts of expectations and fantasies about it, but they worked in a weird way.

Also the other friend,when she was signing the autograph, who was she signing it to? You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I definitely agree about everything said above, especially about the overly exaggerated intro and Ha-ni’s day dreams. This was a cute show. TeaCup October 23, at Thanks, javabeans, for the recap.

At least on that front it held up. I didn’t understand why the show felt the need to put pkayful those fantasy sequences in. I appreciate the love, friendship, family-bond, soul-searching, self-worth, silliness, and craziness that this show presents. I dramacrqzy it’s not easy to recap a story that is so close to home or too alien. I made it to the second fantasy and couldn’t really take much more.

Please enter your username or email address. Comparison to bbf, his acting improve a lot and I like it!

Where can I watch the Bonus Playful Kiss episode in eng sub? ( baek sung jo’s diart too)?

I know there will not be that many dramas coming that makes me enjoy a drama without so much angst on it. Korean name for a white girl? This drama brought back lots of memories especially high school and college days and it amazes me how much I had fun before.

Download the latest version here. I had trouble with this drama. S I hope the ratings will be higher and the actors won’t be disturbed about low ratings D it’s really awesome being able to read others’ comments and opinions on the show, and i love that your analysis always make me think and see the show in different, deeper ways.


But I didn’t give up hope cause I love the storyline and I’m happy to say episode 2 is a step up, not by a whole lot but it was still better than the first I hope the writers make the storyline their own like they did with BBF!! The CG is exaggerated, but it has that overtly whimsical sensibility of Pushing Daisies or Big Fish — dreamy, romantic, and girlish.

Turning his scorn to Ha-ni, he calls her thoughtless for choosing to waste her time rather than caring about more important things: Been waiting for this.

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Dude, you just posted twenty times under multiple names. I we like to apply in Korea?

She had crush that’s known by the whole school, feeling foolish about it, but without looking foolish or dumb at all. It seems a bit pointless to delve into the honeymoon, post-wedding part if they aren’t going to truly go into it.

Even slice-of-life stories are propelled by conflict, escalation, and resolution — the cornerstones of all stories since the beginning of time — but in so many episodes, I just felt like Playful Kiss was pushing chess pieces around the board without any strategy. Elisode September 4, at 9: All 16 hours of mixed feelings I get from this show. I wouldn’t hazard a guess. Pretty in Pink vs. However, in the end, Seung-Show finally gave in and fulfilled Fan-‘s wishes, albeit belatedly.