Edit Did You Know? And Aria is wearing fingerless gloves. The girls all leave the lobby area and run outside. January 15, , 2: Wait, why was he pretending. Spencer walks away from the table dramatically, looking after where Melissa exited. Sullivan adds that with enough therapy and meds, Mona can be all right. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Emily breaks down and the other girls hold as the music croons about lost time. Wondering what I would say to you if I saw you again. Aria suggest just meeting up after school because she has an idea. The hotel room is basically the creepiest A Lair you ever did see. Jenna following her around before fading to black. You wanna know why? We have a whole new class of meme to introduce in the absence of Fifty Shades!

She leaves and not one second after the girls all get a text message from A. Missed opportunity for a Traumaland Award show-down.

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Spencer Hastings Ashley Benson Parties and body bags go together like drinking and driving. Ella Montgomery credit only Lucy Hale The girls are all shocked to hear this and say Aria really can keep a secret!

Hanna trips and falls into a puddle on their way to their room. Dr Sullivan comes back to Rosewood.

Pretty Little Liars S02 E25 – Chewing gum evidence

Spencer wants them to go through the Gym Bag of Evidence all together and with fresh eyes, but not at her house since Melissa is there. Spencer arrives in time to hear that last bit watchh takes offense. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Hanna complains about having to lie to all of her loved ones and flops down on the bed dramatically.

This show never wraps anything up. The last time we had a masquerade ball around here, I think it was in Fifty Shades of Darker. Sara all posts I’m a married old lady of 25 who is currently pregnant and eating all the things.


Tags a onine liar who lies AND THEN SHE DIES another effing dance a pedo-lationship is like a relationship but illegal a very traumatic holiday bad girl styling beware actual trauma ahead Big Book of Villain Gloating contrivance brings people together crossover magic dazzling you with my brooding detecting the shit out of things dreams visions and premonitions fifty shades of ruined fun with foreshadowing fun with misogyny he may be hot but he’s probably a stalker hey it’s that onlone from that thing!

Emily gets a call from Spencer who tells her the new theory about Alison and A.

Aria guesses that the 1 on the back of the postcard means room 1. Hanna is wandering around aimlessly when Caleb sneaks up behind her and kisses her neck, saying that he knows who she is. Trivia This episode contains some deliberate similarities to the famous Hitchcock classis ‘Psycho’ as being the executive producers favorite movie. Emily Fields Sasha Pieterse Such is my life, full of small contradictions and little trivialities.

So we learn 1 thing a season or…? As they exit, Spencer aatch Mona and says that she has Mona figured out.

The wind is being really suspicious as the girls drive to the Lost Woods. Once you are on the curled up in the couch in pajamas for the night, you are NOT going out anywhere, especially in an elaborate masquerade outfit, right?

Alison DiLaurentis Lindsey Shaw Hanna is going on and on about how Melissa is A. She has her big girl pants on, telling Emily that she cares about her and wants to be there for her in whatever capacity Emily needs, and so they are now officially friends.

Mona is also in her typical nerdy girl wear: Hanna and Caleb dance, and cleanse the taste of EW from my palette. Wztch the first question.


Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 25 full episode part 1

Spencer goes to answer the door and promptly comes back with an invitation to a masquerade ball for each of the Liars. Wait, why was he pretending. I spend too much time on YouTube. Byron Montgomery credit only Shay Mitchell Melissa Hastings Tammin Sursok January 14,7: Hanna makes a big show of picking up a feather that fell off the dress. Jenna Marshall Keegan Allen Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Hanna is excited that Caleb came dressed as Romeo, and he says that Mona is actually the one who put everything together, which is her cue wath walk up looking fabulous in purple. She is painfully awkward and cute in pl flashback. Share this Rating Title: We zoom in on her face so that we can zoom back out on her sitting in jail. Alison is at the shop in Brookhaven, dressed in her Vivian Darkbloom attire, when Mona sees her.

Pretty Little Liars S02 E25 – Chewing gum evidence

Mona is now in the classic A hoodie and leather gloves. As they are staring at the building, a man creeps up to the passenger side window and knocks. Ezra tells Aria that since this is their first dance, he wants to see her and takes off both their masks.

That the girls are haunted by Ali and some mysterious A?! The girls all leave the lobby area and run outside.