Why do you need to be continuously updating a graph in a form from within the same book that the graph itself resides in? Creating a Phasor Diagram. I have 3 variables that I’m charting. Each series has 2 points, the origin 0,0 and the point referenced in the HV chart. The call times are in the custom format h: The vector plot is made from the scatter chart type in Excel. How can I do this?

These points will be the head or arrow end of the vectors. Creating a Phasor Diagram I hope this is the correct forum to post this question. I could also specify a range on each worksheet that was similar to the appropriate range on the longest worksheet, and zoom that automatically, but that’s not ideal either, because some of the row heights vary from sheet to sheet, and again I’ll end up with different font sizes. I also decided, for simplicity, to place the tails of each vector, rather than the mid-point, on the grid. Subscribe for Weekly Tutorials Helpful tutorials delivered to your email! Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Problem is, I want to do this from VBA! Select Problems in this code a 1 after applying the filter, while selecting the data it is selecting all the rows in given range till last row on the workbook.

Creating a Phasor Diagram I can’t diagtam it as a picture because it needs to continue to update once the form is opened.

Plotting Ac Power Phasor Diagrams In Excel

Is there a way to tell the line to stop if there is no data? Enter in desired power factor Cells B7-B This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the ploh in which they appear. I dont answer coding questions via PM or EMail.


If I delete the rows it appears on it remains visible. I figured I would ask for help, and see if anyone can provide what I am looking for.

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. I have changed my mouse eiagram this didn’t help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Get Your Free Excel ebook! I would really appreciate it. I have positive and negative values and I need it to pot in the centre instead of on the left. Also, I’ve attached the Excel spreadsheet that I’m working with.

I can’t select anything from the tool bars, do any work on the sheet or close the program. I am puzzled by a thin black line that looks like a border line on a spreadsheet that I am unable to remove, whatever I do.

B and that makes it very slow to deal with Hopefully this will help explain what I’m trying to do. It is very simple and It is not a page break. Instead of adding phaslr vector manually by riagram buttons in Excel, I created a subroutine to add each series.

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Thanks for your suggestions. Enter any scaling factors If these are left at the defaults of “1” for both voltage and current, each vector will be the same length 1. I do not manually enter the data, it is a formula that I do not wish to delete. This makes the current vector barely visible on my graph. Basically, it would just be a circle graph with arrows extending from the origin at angles obtained from data in the spreadsheet.

I have set it up so that everything looks OK and is visible on MY screen, but I’m conscious that some users may have different screen sizes, different toolbars set up, and so on, which might make some parts not ppot visible to them.


Click here to get started. Line Graphs And Percentages – Excel. Visit our Linux sister site. I am using below code to Select the Visible rows in the target range: How can you do that? Want to learn even more about advanced Excel techniques? Additionally not everyone works a full week so I would need it to only divide the percentages of the days that were completed. I could just go through each worksheet and zoom it automatically, but that would mean that some of the sheets looked very excep, others very small, and Phaor like them to have a consistent appearance.

One is a line graph that tracks hours used in that department per month. I use phasro excel file through the course of the day and need to insert the current date in one column and the current time hpasor the next column.

Excel Phasor Diagram Builder

I looked under Excel Options and did not see an option there. Another option, if you know vba, is to write some vba code that changes the end type of the line, if you have problems with this start by using the macro recorder when performing the operations on one of the lines. How can we exclude it from selection.

Hello, I need vba code to Select first visible cell below the header row after applying autofilter on column Q of the data.