Emechata was aware of the prejudices against women receiving an education while she was growing up but this did not stop her from graduating from the London University with a degree in Sociology. As the story unfolds we cans see how hard she works to achieve her dream. Certain emotions drawn out by the author has been well portrayed using other elements. Such events the story shows how dedicated Adah is to go to school and learn, just to go to England. I know people who have social workers involved in the care of their children and they never question whether or not this is healthy. The family is picture with very poor finance. Later on she goes to England, her dream destination.

In addition to that, it really makes you consider the privilege we take for granted, better known as education. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. She turns up a school, even if girls are not supposed to and it gets her mother into trouble with the police. Nobody was interested in her for her own sake, only in the money she would fetch, and the housework she could do and Adah, happy at being given this opportunity of survival, did not waste time thinking about its rights or wrongs. The children all stare at her but the teacher just looks at her and smiles and lets her sit in on the rest of the class. I didn’t know it was an auto – biological story of Buchi Emecheta herself! Then in England, there is a division between the white and black people. Also unique in its writer and protagonist being women.

Per questa volta passo indubbiamente, con dispiacere, a migliore lettura. Explain where her inspirations come from and how it is that she does not give up even when faced with road-block after road-block. There is much contrast between these women and how they survive and fight the male domination in order for their voices to be heard.

Francis becomes a hopeless man and cares very less about his family and his own education. It is also the driving force behind her desire to never give up on her dreams.


Lists with This Book. First, she is not allowed to go to school because she is sevond girl and the family does not want to spend the money for her to go. She has met the teacher a few times before and she goes hoping that he will let her sit in on his class.

There suummary moments where her own character flirts with utter confusion and fear, but soon she finds her foundation again, and grows self-confident.

So my responses to the book were, ‘Wow! They are later able to get one but have to live in a one-room apartment. At first Adah is filled with rage, but she controls her anger and she comes up with a plan. The main character of Second Class Citizen is a woman named Adah summary was born in Nigeria and belonged to the Ibo tribe. Maybe the most significant fact for not losing hope are her children and that is the reason why she did not stop fighting against any problems she has to suffer from.

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The new society has made him very conservative. In my opinion, the first couple of claass are kind of hard to read due to the narrative technique changing and the new African words but after that it gets easier.

What are The impacts of journeys in second class citizen by buchi emecheta? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This seems like a difficult task for her, looking at her financial status citizem the society she lives in.

The narrator, Adah, is in the present tense. Second Class Citizen is semi-autobiographical. Without to spoil the turning points I just want to say they are very good placed but you can guess them by foreshadowing.

citizrn I’ll be making an effort to read more of her stuff from now on. Still, her being quite the optimistic person, she decides to fight not only for herself but also for the sake of her four children.

Second-Class Citizen

She worked in a few library’s and seond the money in their household, so she couldn’t keep an eye on her children all the time. They liked to spend their money, to really enjoy what they had, and to them what they had was theirs only today, not tomorrow or the day after. The Indians struggle for rights to land that was originally theirs.


African Women in Literature: She has met the teacher a few times before and she goes hoping that he will let her sit in on his class.

And so she keeps fighting all the way. Allah would take care of the future. Seeing how sukmary overcame all her obstacles and endeavors is very empowering and shows that persistence and will to survive are key to success or at least getting one step closer to achieving your dream. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. This site uses cookies. However, I found that plot picked up too fast at the end, with too many events happening in the last few chapters.

Second Class Citizen by Buchi Emecheta

Problems in their marriage, financial problems and they would also have to deal with racism and discrimination based on their skin color. Unlike home, he gets to make is own decisions.

Ngozi Chuma-udeh said, on September 14, at 1: This desire to persevere and survive in her society is what leads Adah pplot her journey through life. I emeceta gave her one star only out of appreciation to her effort and attempt of writing. The big theme here is the relationship between citizen and state. Oct 02, Kristina rated it really liked it. Adah’s brother is at school all day while her father is w Second-Class Citizen was written by Buchi Citizn.

As you can see, there are instances in the story, where Adah questions her own existence. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here