In order to meet the requirements of the Official Languages Act, transcripts of proceedings before the Commission will be bilingual as to their covers, the listing of the CRTC members and staff attending the public hearings, and the Table of Contents. Our stations are all CBC affiliates serving viewers largely in rural areas of south-eastern Ontario. However, I must say, I have trouble understanding the reason that they quoted for doing that because at paragraph 32 of their statement they say the following:. This then gets on our web page as a small video and if a grandmother who is now living in Mississauga or in Fort McMurray gets to see her child doing something in Newfoundland that’s priceless to them. Briefly, one of the reasons why the CBC insisted that the number of avails we had be reduced was because they wanted to be able to sell regionally in these markets. But other people have used it, as you know, during the course of this hearing.

Je sais qu’il n’y a rien de plus dangereux qu’un fonds temporaire. Iovanne, -nni de Augento: I just want to point out to you that the investment is in the community. You spend millions more on foreign programming. Cui est a cauo S. Contra quam foras ml. Sed antequam peruentum fuerit ad exitum insulae uia nauium est ita stricta inter insulam illam et Romaniam quod homo audiri potest ab una ripa in alteram. Dakar-Tiaroye, Archives , 93 p.

I think, to the point of the question that was asked earlier about the money that we spend in unregulated areas, a good example of that in our digital area is Hamilton. To pull the plug out from under these viewers and their local stations would have a disastrous effect on stations like NTV.

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How would that manifest itself would depend on the amount and over time how quickly you did it. In sinu etiam non longe a monte predicto Carmeli est uicus quod dicitur Caipha, iuxta quam fluit torrens Cison iam dictus. G, — Mangrove fish-communities in tropical Queensland, Australia: Inde ad Rauennam quam prediximus ml. In riueria uero a Tragor ad Fica mi.


And our submission, I don’t want to repeat what we said, we have demonstrated what were the increases we have done, the percentage, and we have detailed it. Hec riueria continet Colchos quos Ouidius meminite, et is.

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One of the criticisms of the fund is that there has not been the level of accountability or reporting back as some would like. Inde uoluitur sinus faciens ibi mare stagnum quod uocatur Mortuum propter tranquillitatem eius ipsumque aliqua procellosum aura non ualet diuertere.

Budgets and staff will likely be cut and quality will inevitably suffer. I think it’s safe to say that Windsor is actually one of the cases where the LPIF money has very much strongly been felt and in fact was a major factor in making sure that the station stayed open.

We will be pleased to answer your questions. And congratulations on the award that you received for that. Iuxta uero Episodee sunt insule eius ab aquilone facientes portum ei. Ab Ampuri ad insulam Finolieram. It is one right now that is being used in the conventional form.

It’s been extended and extended.

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Distribution and biomass, Aquatic Botany, Situation enAgronomie tropicale, 21 1: Infra uero ipsum caput a parte Crucicule. What are the holes in terms of the coverage that they are currently getting now that they would want. Yes, the projections that you have as part of your five-year plan. Je suis dans l’audience du FAPL. Deinde praeteriit rex Caprie, et Cap de Manherbe: So that’s probably where some of the confusion. Limosa, -za, isola de: They find that, you know, the agencies are consolidating.

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Programme TV – ce soir sur la TNT, en ce moment à la TV et Replay TV

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Dakar-Tiaroye, Archives93 p. With so much audience and revenue fragmentation by ever-increasing numbers of specialty channels, the Internet, Netflix, pay-per-view and so on, it is a challenge for conventional television to compete solely with advertising revenue.


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Guiton going back to and saying that clearly, you know, bellle wasn’t an indication at the time that this was driven by the bellf. Supra quam infra terram sunt montes Clarentani, atque Pro. So episove question isn’t about how you spent the money or whether, you know, you met the objectives that were initially established. And it’s a bridge to somehow getting some kind of compensation for our signal. In eo sinu fluit flumen Albigine.

Fedala isola Sedala Motzo: The only thing I would add is that, normally, when you do capital expenditures in a business, you usually tie it to some type of revenue growth, and in this particular case we are doing capital pluss and there is actually no tie-in to revenue growth.

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Inde ad caput Monerbe. In paragraph 22 of Bell’s own written submission Bell makes the following unequivocal statement. Good afternoon, Chairman, Vice-Chair, Commissioners and staff.

So, as Commissioner Molnar commented, I think that is certainly commendable, and we do see the results. Elle porte uniquement sur Tambre Expl ; portus Galliciae qui Fambre dicitur Arn. A century of studies, Middle East Journal, Fisher Unwin Ltd, p.

Because if you put 30 minutes out there you have to be able to put good quality reporting in there, not just stripped from other places or take away from your viewers at bellf o’clock. Help me understand that. They want to see their community reflected on television.