I have no more need for you As well as a general strategy for 4! This will surely be an electrifying experience! You will get full credit if you take the time to help out on some things that may be nice to have, but are not necessary! From a Nurse , a Preschooler , and a Policeman in the movie theater for getting a strange ending or a good ending with a high enough box-office gross. This allows Payback to deal a lot of damage on Grimer. Determine effects and choose moves!

Why should a Pokemon talk to a pathetic Human like you? Give it all you’ve got! Why hasn’t E contacted me? Sending out these Pokemon out in movies, you will gain more revenue. Why would I waste my secret arts on someone like you? I’m going to see you again at last

Represented by a smiley with two stars. Drain Punch Scene 6: Seeing one of them signals to the others that it’s safe to gather. The UFOs did not hesitate to strike! You must be lying. Prepare yourself for your foe’s attacks! From a Guitarist in the movie theater for getting a bad ending on a movie. You think it’s OK to come into the future like this and just go back home?


When you speak to the fans that are dotted all around the theatre, many of them will offer a variety of items as congratulations and thanks for the movie. The battle for humanity’s future was over.

That one is called a decoy. Have a happy good endings in all other movies.

Contains a total of 4 movies; though may be count as “separate” series, all have Brycen-Man as the main foe. It’s going to explode! As you enter, the owner of the studios, Mr. I completed all the way up to the giant woman series man tht took long but after that there were no more movies i could shoot!

Talk to the same person from earlier to start another movie. You get a chance to experience movie making in game, pokesta the game encourages you to make a movie right after you fight Roxie, the second Gym Leader!

When I gazed into the mirror Strange handed me. Use a move the foe is weak to!

Pokemon Black Version 2 PokeStar Studios FAQ for DS by MKaykitkats – GameFAQs

Pay attention to the script. Bug Pokemon get strong.


Even if it’s been a year! The template is as shown below: The UFO’s defeat made the mothership decide that this planet is dangerous We’ll have to start all over now Whitley got to act in a Brycen-Man movie, but in the middle of the shooting, Mecha Tyranitar appeared and started attacking everyone. Sending out these Pokemon out in movies, you will gain more revenue.

Pokemon Black Version 2 – PokeStar Studios FAQ

Print this page More Guides. Hold it right there! I want to eventually write the movie script for Good, Bad, and Strange ending movies. Know your foe’s moves!

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But it’s not all small stuff. This section is still in progress! This organization strives to keep the Unova region at peace