Further Account of the Tryals. Scene 4 also provides Proctor with an opportunity to discredit Abigail and prove the falsity of her accusation against Elizabeth. Abigail denies Mary’s assertions that they are pretending, and stands by her story about the poppet. Confusion and hysteria begin to overtake the room. John is reluctant, fearing that doing so will require him to publicly reveal his past adultery. Angered that Mary is neglecting her duties, John threatens to beat her. Herrick also attests to John’s truthfulness as well. Parris threatens to whip Tituba to death if she does not confess to witchcraft.

She believes John still lusts after Abigail and tells him that as long as he does, he will never redeem himself. Articles with IBDb links Webarchive template wayback links Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism Use mdy dates from June Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references Articles containing German-language text Commons category link is on Wikidata. The people on whom the characters are based would have retained strong regional dialects from their home country. The New York Times. Summary and Analysis Act II: Sarah Bibber Mary Bridges Jr. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. John submits Mary’s deposition, which declares that she was coerced to accuse people by Abigail.

Adam Bede has been added to your Reading List! Are you sure you want to remove bookConfirmation and any corresponding bookmarks? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The New York Times. Marshal Herrick, depressed at having arrested so many of his neighbors, has turned to alcoholism.

Miller gave all his characters the same colloquialisms, such as “Goody” or “Goodwife”, and drew on the rhythms and speech patterns of the King James Bible to achieve the effect of historical perspective he wanted. Scene 3 Act IV: Again, narration not present in all versions.

Scene 1 Act I: The previous evening, Reverend Parris discovered Betty, some other girls, and his Barbadian slaveTitubadancing naked in the forest and engaged in some sort of pagan ritual.

Hale is skeptical about the Proctors’ devotion to Christianity, noting that they do not attend church regularly and that their second child has not yet been baptized crucibe John replies that this is because he has no respect for Parris. Scene 2 Act I: When asked to reveal the source of his information, Giles refuses, fearing that he or she will also be arrested.


The Poppet in The Crucible by Kylie Lyle on Prezi

The other girls are frightened of the truth being revealed in actuality, they tried to conjure a curse against Elizabeth Proctor and being labelled witches, so they go along with Abigail. When Danforth threatens him with arrest for contemptGiles argues that he cannot be arrested for “contempt of a hearing. Hale begs Danforth to reconsider his judgement, now agreeing Abigail is “false”, but to no avail; Danforth throws out this testimony based solely upon John’s earlier assertion that Elizabeth would never tell a lie.

He questions the girls’ apparent ringleader, his niece Abigail Williamswhom Parris has been forced to adopt after her parents were brutally killed in King Philip’s War.

She is prepared to do anything to charge Elizabeth with witchcraft. Challenged to recite the Ten CommandmentsJohn fatefully forgets “thou shalt not commit adultery”. Knowing in his heart that it is the wrong thing for him to do, John agrees to falsely confess to engaging in witchcraft, deciding that he has no desire or right to be a martyr.

John refuses, saying he can only report on his own sins. Cheever is unconvinced and prepares to arrest Elizabeth. At Elizabeth’s urging, John tells Hale he knows that the girl’s afflictions are fake. This page was last edited on 23 Februaryat When Hale questions her, Elizabeth is angered that he does not question Abigail first.

Mary Barker William Barker Jr. Afterwards, the wealthy and influential Thomas Putnam and his wife, Ann arrive. John refuses to back down and submits a deposition signed by ninety-one locals attesting to the good character of Elizabeth, Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey.

Sarah Bibber Mary Bridges Jr.

Abigail has seen Mary Warren sewing the poppet in court and she knows that Mary Warren will give the doll to Elizabeth later. Betty then faints back into unconsciousness. The deposition is dismissed by Parris and Hathorne as illegal. At this point Abigail exercises all of the power she has gained from the beginning of the play.


The Crucible

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The characters whose moral standards prevail in the face of death, such as John Proctor and Rebecca Nursesymbolically refuse to sacrifice their principles or to falsely confess. Abigail angrily mocks John for denying his true feelings for her.

Aware of John’s affair, she warns him that Abigail is willing to expose it if necessary. Suddenly, Giles Corey and Francis Nurse enter the house and inform John and Hale that both of their wives have been arrested on charges of witchcraft; Martha Corey for reading suspicious books and Rebecca Nurse on charges of sacrificing children.

Elizabeth cruccible disconcerted to learn her husband was alone with Abigail. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Parris, who has lost everything to Abigail, reports that he has received death threats.

She believes John still lusts after Abigail and tells him that as omvie as he does, he will never redeem himself. Elizabeth Booth John Bly Sr.

In Feuchtwanger wrote a play about the Salem witch trialsWahn oder der Teufel in Mofie Delusion, or The Devil in Bostonas an allegory for the persecution of communists, thus anticipating the theme of The Crucible by Arthur Miller; Wahn premiered in Germany in Tensions between them soon emerge.

Danforth then informs an unaware John that Elizabeth is pregnant, and promises to spare her from execution until the child is born, hoping to persuade John to withdraw his case.

Abigail still harbors feelings for John and believes they are reciprocated, but John denies this.

Abigail denies Mary’s assertions that they are pretending, and stands by her story about the poppet. Salem witch trialsMcCarthyism.