The Power Steering system of this Carver amplifier makes sure the power gets diverted from high power to low power equipment, preventing damage. Additional Product Features Frequency Response. No clipping could be heard. We cranked it up to levels just short of obscene, and the Carver maintained its composure. The x uses new advanced topology and is all discrete, whereas the x was a chip driver based design with narrow open loop bandwidth, output inductors, and less safe operating area. While “Lethal Weapon” was a bit bright.

For THX use, the pots are turned all the way clockwise. I own this amp and I have it connected to Infinity Speakers that are a higher grade than what you are using. I think this amp would be very satisfying for most people in their main setup, even though it’s marketed as a second zone amp. Scott, thanks for the response. This equalized for the fact that the room is not completely sonic-symmetrical furniture, walls, window, doorway, etc. However, the Lightstar power supply is much more sophisticated. Vinyl Addict , Feb 10,

The uses totally modular circuitry, with each amplifier being a PCB that is inserted front to back, like accessory boards in computers [ click here to see photo of inside of amp ].

Carver AV-705X 5 Channel Power Amplifier

GuildXFeb 10, Linger63Jan 28, I will admit, it took me awhile, but it was worth it. Click to see larger photo. You would be changing not upgrading with premeire about whatever.


We cranked it up to levels just short of obscene, and the Carver maintained its composure. The solenoids switch in again at power-off, to prevent thump, and the red LEDs slowly dim as the power capacitors discharge. This maintains high frequency neutrality sonically regardless of the loudspeaker load. More items related to this product. A little soft on the details at the very top but a much better compromise than amps that give you a lean top end.

The posts on the will accept pins, bare wire, and banana plugs.

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Trending Price New. People who bought this also bought. It is a great amp for movies, but only so so for music. I’m open for information and thoughts! Vinyl AddictFeb 10, We use a large number of components, with wires going everywhere, so if any piece of equipment is subject to ground loop hum, it shows up.

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This movie has plenty of firepower in the sound department, and the was up to the challenge with crisp, av-705d sound, loud enough for any aficionado. AereoplainJan 29, Skip to main content. While “Lethal Weapon” was a bit bright. I planned on using the ST for second zone use but thought what the heck-I’ll throw it against the big dog and see what happens.


It is an older amp but if it is a good amp I don’t see why it wouldn’t work fine. Q Acoustics Floorstanding Speaker Pair graphite. I just have that itch for “new”! Carver Vintage Power Amplifiers Amps.

Carver Audio A-705x Amplifiers

This Amp Kicks Ass if you can get it buy it. I have a 5. Let us know if we need to take a look at this page or fix a bug. This is a change from the AVx which was a less refined first pass at a modular approach. The jack and binding posts protrude from the back of the amplifier [ click here to see photo of back premiege, along with a small potentiometer post.

Both designs are class H, in that the rail voltage is variable, making the amplifier very efficient and varver. Additional Product Features Frequency Response. Please explain the problem you are having. No clipping could be heard.