As Ashley drives away, Wilden pulls up in his car. Ezra Fitz Laura Leighton Jenna, who has openly revealed she can see again, walks over and hands them invites for her birthday party. As the episode wraps up, we see a scene between Emily and her dad. The Queen of Hearts almost chokes Spencer to death, but Paige thwarts off this mystery attacker. Emily sees the same eye tattoo from her flashback on his wrist. Caleb confronts Hanna who tells him that she’s been visiting Mona and they go visiting her together.

Soon afterward, they discover that “A” has been framing Jamie. Retrieved February 6, Retrieved February 18, Emily remembers more of what happened “That Night”. In one video, Maya says that she has to face her fears. After receiving a clue from Malcolm while babysitting him, Hanna determines that Spencer was the one who kidnapped Malcolm. A few seconds after Noel and Jenna enter the cabin, Maya exits the cabin and is grabbed by a mysterious figure in the driveway.

Lucas tells Hanna that Mona may be faking her mental illness as a “get out of jail free” card. He has something for Caleb, who he claims owes him money. Retrieved June 20, Mona regains trust from the school when she posts an apology video on the school’s website with help from Jason DiLaurentis. After this awkward scene, we see Spencer sitting at a table eating lunch with Toby, who is either super evil or fake evil. Nothing makes sense anymore. The Mona sympathy campaign has officially begun.

Unfortunately, Aria is nowhere to be found. Traces of Alison’s blood was found on it, along with someone else’s blood. Then, Spencer receives the following text message: Ashley gets a notice from her dating profile about a possible date. Maya’s cousin Nate drops by to see Emily at work.

Paige tells Emily that she was with her a part of the time when she was drunk on “that night”. Retrieved October 4, Hanna persuades Jamie and Caleb to meet in Spstream.


The Liars do not trust Mona. Hanna comes clean to Ashley about knowing CeCe and that she and her friends found out about an illicit relationship between Ali and Wilden. Something has blown up and someone is screaming.

Germain Bianca Lawson in the season two finale, while the second half deals with the reveal that Toby Cavanaugh is a member of the A-Team. Garrett’s case may be closed due to lack of evidence. Retrieved January 30, Spencer finds Toby and they both determine that they each joined the “A” Team sfason protect one another and end up reconciling. Holden tells Emily that he used to see Maya there. 114 as this is happening, Jason pulls up and Spencer goes over to talk to her half-sibling.

Aria is horrified when she discovers that “A” kidnapped Malcolm. Red Coat pulls the Liars and Mona out of the lodge. Emily goes to CeCe’s apartment and oiars her packing to leave Rosewood. Trying to follow the Pretty Little Liar story with ayeshacurry. Spencer befriends a male nurse. The private investigator Spencer hired to follow Toby tells her that he traced the “A” key to a single unit, but it turns out to be a dead end. Dpsrteam the girls go llttle to investigate Harold’s office further, a hooded figure rushes out.

Afterward, they share a kiss outside the restaurant and are seen by the mystery girl in the red coat. Someone disguised as the Queen of Hearts spikes Aria’s drink while she sits and rests in-between Adam’s sets. Jason had previously seemed to really care about Spencer, so the fact that he lies to her about understanding how she feels about Mona — only to have Litle dress his wound — was shocking!

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Emily escapes, but Jason does not and plummets to the ground. Retrieved August 9, Caleb confronts Hanna who tells him that she’s been visiting Mona and they go visiting her together.


They think that Paige dug up Ali’s grave and may be “A”.

Spencer discovers a map of Radley that Mona created on a board game. Emily Fields Janel Parrish See the full gallery.

What she sees when she leaves, however, is worth showing:.

Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 14 Recap: Mona Returns and Jason Is Suspect

Aria suggests wanting someone to stick a fork in her neck. This page was last edited on 16 Januaryat Emily finds two pictures of Maya in the daytime with a sign behind her and when she puts them together, it says “The Kahn’s. The hunt is on for discovering the identity of the girl in the red coat.

Next, we see Emily, who at this point is being scolded by her parents for even leaving the house to go to school. Retrieved March 13, At Radley, Wilden shows Wren a court order saying he’s allowed to see Mona. List of Pretty Little Liars episodes.

Red Coat is revealed to be a very much alive Alison DiLaurentis. It is revealed to the home viewers that Aria is bound and gagged with duct tape, is trapped in a box with the now dead corpse of Garrett Reynolds.

Spencer sees Red Coat get out of the plane and at first glance, she thinks it’s Alison. Retrieved June 13, Hanna also convinces Ashley to talk to Ted about hiring Jamie for the church restoration project.

While fading in and out of consciousness, Aria is visited by Ali.