Jumps can be strung together, but at a commensurate increase in crew discomfort. With the help of Vikktakkht, Hilfy returns to Meetpoint, now under the control of the mahen faction, and frees No’shto-shti-stlen, presenting gtst with Atli-lyen-tlas and the oji , thus completing a complex politically oriented marriage contract. A human finds refuge on a spaceship operated by catlike beings. Stsho must drug themselves unconscious to survive jump. But until white people stop making movies like Avatar, I fear that I’m doomed to see the same old story again and again. Aboard The Pride , Tully persuades an initially reluctant Pyanfar into accepting him as a member of her otherwise all-female crew. And then there’s the other races!

A male takes over a clan by defeating the previous lord in personal combat. Tully was the only survivor. The Chanur Saga omnibus. Vikktakkht, a kif hakkikt , rescues Atli-lyen-tlas and “shelters” gtst in kif space, persuading Hilfy to come and fetch gtst. Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book. Sikkukkut persuades a reluctant Pyanfar into becoming his ally, which raises the suspicions of an already hostile agent of the planet-oriented, conservative hani government. Hani and kif, as predators, also have sharp retractile claws and sharp teeth.

Speaking as a white person, I don’t need to hear more about my own racial experience. Only the jump ships can cross interstellar distances by using a jump drive. The kif chase The Pride back to the hani homeworld, but the unpredictable and powerful knnn drive the kif away. Publishing order 8Alliance-Union Universe Members.

SF : The Pride of Chanur / C. J. Cherryh ★★★

But until white people stop making movies like Avatar, I fear that I’m doomed to see the vhanur old story again and again. He’s more of a catalyst for the story – the discovery of a whole new race. Chanur 1 Alliance-Union Universe: These individuals are viewed by the mahendo’sat as serious destabilizing factors.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Legacy’s ordeal begins when they can not find Atli-lyen-tlas. Unlike other known species, they can maneuver in hyperspace and carry other ships with them.

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Avatar: not as revolutionary as The Pride of Chanur – I’m a philosophical zombie.

No one at Meetpoint Station had ever seen a creature like the Outsider. The hani are leonine aliens, one chanhr the four oxygen-breathing and three methane-breathing races which form the Compact. The hani are all female — the males stay at home, indolent and nominally in charge, while mivie females do all the work and actually run things.

A jump takes several weeks of objective time. A Hani space ship at Meetpoint Station has an unknown outsider named Tully sneak onto their ship to find refuge from the Kif.

Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book. The title of the book is the name of a spaceship, a trader operated by the Chanur family and captained by Pyanfar Chanur.

They live in exile among others ot themselves, movi their fighting skills and waiting for the opportunity to challenge for a clan. The kif conflict spills mofie into hani space, threatening the hani homeworld, but Goldtooth and the human fleet arrive and the two hakkikts are defeated. The Chanur novels is a series of five science fiction novels, forming three separate stories, written by American author C.


These were followed by a later sequel, Chanur’s Legacy The space stations are universally built as huge doughnuts, the spin maintaining artificial gravity provided by centrifugal force ; the Compact has no gravitational-control technology.

This is a re-read of the book for me. This takes place in a well thought out multi civilisation society.

The Chanur novels

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It’s even a trilogy.

There is a fourth state, gtstain which the individual is addressed as a holiness. But it had some problems This is a sexless state usually achieved by an aged, honorable Stsho. Cherryh — primary author all editions calculated Cherry, Chanr Cover artist secondary author some editions confirmed Cherry, David A.

To an outsider, this can and frequently does look like a Personage’s mahen agents are promoting mutually contradictory policies at the same time. I found this one fun and engaging, if not particularly challenging or ambitious.

Most males are not that lucky. I never did get around to reading the pf of the Chanur Saga. Hani ships such as The Pride of Chanur are based on mahendo’sat technology.

From them we learn that the Earth authorities, badly rattled by contact with the Compact and thus deprived of expansion opportunities into nearby volumes of space, stepped up their rapprochement with Alliance and Union. Favorite Feminist Science Fiction