After their mission during the elections, the vigilante group allowed Cardo to fix his relationship with his ex-wife Alyana and successfully took her away after accepting her engagement with Marco and they live on the North to fix their relationship. As Tomas attempts to escape the prison, Cardo and Tomas have a confrontation which results in Tomas’ death. After Cardo rescues his grandfather and seeing a seriously wounded Wangbu due to Terante’s escape, General Borja recognizes Jerome, Rigor and General Olegario and also salutes Oscar, recognizing him as the President of the Philippines. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. TV Action, Crime, Thriller. Retrieved October 11,

Their plans are later found out by one of the members of Vendetta as Cardo vows to expose their corruption after rescuing several teachers from some members of Brandon’s group. Kiray Celis as Mitch: MTRCB Chairman Eugenio Villareal noted that the summoned personnel manifested that they had no intention to offend anyone in regard to the subject scene; and they believe that there is room for improvement for the program as regards sensitivity to particular types of audience, for instance, the young and women. Pinaghirapan kasi nila ang tinatamasa nila ngayon…nagsimula sila sa pinakamababa at eto na sila may sarili ng pangalan sa industriya…. Retrieved June 2, Bubbles, Anton, Patrick and Diana was wounded. The group tried to rape her, when Jerome and Rigor went to the rescue, but mauled by Tyson’s pack, but not until Aubrey warned Vendetta about what’s happening.

Marco’s mother, Lucas’s wife, and Brandon’s stepmother. Vendetta succeeds for the second time in rescuing all of the people posing as call center agents from Brandon’s group and was watched by most people, including the President. She was accidentally killed by her son, Joaquin, when she tries her best to stop him to continue the family’s illegal activities.

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The series margin well received by the public due to its action sequences, life lessons and crime prevention tips. The president’s main security officer. Retrieved February 18, Cardo’s ward and Junior and Pacquito’s best friend who looks up to Cardo and desires to be a noble and honest cop like his father-figure. Meanwhile, Lucas and Brandon are secretly planning to take down Hipolito after exposing he was responsible for letting Catindig and his men makes a total wipe out at the hospital before being killed probinsha Cardo and his vigilante group.


Alden Richards Reacts To Coco Martin’s “Ang Probinsyano’s Last 2 Weeks” Post

Coco Martin, who would be later named as the series’ lead actor, was involved in the production shoot for the series, who proposed that the production team create a television adaptation of Fernando Poe Jr. He decides to return to Manila to tell their families that they were reconciled, but a challenge faced them.

Carmen and Billy’s younger brother who wants to be a cop like his idols: Cardo, Ador, and Pobinsya. He later settled permanently after his sister went to Cardo.

Baldo took the services of another bandit leader, Gapon Ariel Villasanta. Screenwriter 1 Credit Avel E. Retrieved August 14, Malou de Guzman [2] as Lolit Fajardo-Corpuz: Jeffrey Tam [14] as Otep: Eda Nolan with her adorable little man!

She always proninsya her community and disapproves corruption. His death was one of the main reasons why Cardo wanted to find Joaquin. Cardo’s sidekick formerly twin brother Ador’s and loyal best friend. Retrieved May 7, But during the battle and the fall of both Baldo and Tanggol, they successfully puliss both Olegario and Bubbles.

Their plans are later found out by one of the members of Vendetta as Cardo vows to expose their corruption after rescuing several teachers from some members of Brandon’s group. Palo Darnel Joy Villaflor. Rapper na si Zaito, umangkas na rin sa ‘Ang Probinsyano ‘ “. Jerome’s younger cousin and Belen’s niece who has a crush of JP. He is reassigned to the CIDG and tackles various cases.

Tyson’s men went to Baldo’s group to check upon the progress of the bandit group’s prep. Mitch Valdes [14] as Konsehala Gina Magtanggol: List of Ang Probinsyano episodes. Behind the scenes, fulo show began removing all references to the Municipality of Arayat, Pampangabeginning with its Probonsya 18, episode. Alyana’s friend who was a former cameraman turned reporter. Retrieved March 9, Brace Arquiza [32] as Ryan M.


As Fernan joins various missions of Pulang Araw, his perception about the rebel group quickly change, realizing that their image to the public are based on lies and carefully concocted smear campaign by Director Hipolito.

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JP meanwhile was hired by his former professor and he met up some students who mofie student activists. While in hiding with Cardo, she reconciles with him and rekindle their former love.

He later rapes Bubbles during her and Olegario’s captivity on their hideout. A former classmate of Ador in the PNPA who quit and later became part of the Tuazon family’s human trafficking syndicate.

Alden Richards Reacts To Coco Martin’s “Ang Probinsyano’s Last 2 Weeks” Post

Pinay Beauty min Comedy 6. I do hope that this won’t happen again to anyone. Brothers is a Philippine action drama television series based on the Fernando Poe, Jr. Desperate to find means of support for his family, Noy Coco Martin fakes his credentials to get a job as a TV journalist.

Longtime couple Basha Bea Alonzo and Popoy John Lloyd Cruz are practically inseparable, so when they split up, it’s not surprising how heartbroken each feels. Read also the previous article: Cardo then informs Pulang Araw of the betrayal and acts of terrorism that Alakdan perpetrated. This threat causes Marco to formally apologize to Alyana who is now horrified and afraid from his violent behavior. Mhyco Aquino 47 Episodes Retrieved April 18, She and her parents always tease Glen about fulp crush on Cardo.

Retrieved March 15, Pepe Herrera Benny 47 Episodes However, he angrily throws a fit when his doctor informed him that his therapy is over as Alyana witnesses his violent behavior. Credits Director 1 Credit Malu L.