After that she starts from Surya’s house. Pratiek goes inside and tells the family what arti told her. Will Surya come back home? What will be Vedika’s future, to know watch ahead. Ishita says that she is a little too late Arti is shocked that yash is with her. Vidhi identifies it to be the same as the one that pari and prateik got their son from. At that time Aarthi’s mother calls to Surya’s house and tells that her grandson should reach back to her house as soon as possible otherwise she will file a police complaint. Game of love Personal Blog.

Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 19, Surya wins the wrestling match in his own village but his wife Aarti was very much scared during the wrestling. Arti asks her not to call her that, as she has no right. Surya’s mother tells to family members to go home and solve the matter. Surya, after seeing Raki disrespecting Gayatri, shouts at her, to which Raki gets angry and decides to leave home. Later, Arti gets emotional and shows compassion to Arun, as he sheds fake tears by talking about his sister. Punar Vivaha – Episode – May 23,

Watch ahead to know what will happen next. Aarthi gets information about Vedika’s case from lawyer. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 20, Surya, after seeing Raki disrespecting Gayatri, shouts at her, to which Raki gets angry and decides to leave home. Surya gets shocked seeing a written complaint against him given by Vedika. Meanwhile, Arjun starts to harass Vedika by asking the reason for her injury. Parimala’s husband informs Parimala about Vedika after which Parimala feels happy.

Vivwh Vivaha – Episode – June 13, But ishita tries to convince him, that she would be a far better lover than ishita. Punar Vivaha – Episodes Fivah ahead to know pknar happens in the next episode. He asks her to stop talking nonsense. Arti flees, as she feels upset listening to Parimala.


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He gets up in a dizzy state, and goes to the bathroom. Shashi Sumeet Productions Pvt. Arti goes on to throw water on yash, to jerk him into consciousness. But Surya tells a lie about Aarthi. Pratiek goes inside and tells the family what arti told her. Punar Vivaha – Episode – May 20, Gayatri’s family feels confused, after they find a mangalsutra, which doesn’t belong to any of them, in their shrine.

On the other hand, Raki takes Arun for jogging, as Vedika flees after seeing Arun. Aditi Dev Sharma Personal Blog. After that she starts from Surya’s house. Surya’s family member get information about Vedika and then Surya’s uncle starts to search for Vedika and finally meets her. After that Aarthi starts an argument with her mother and supports Surya. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 02, Ishita tells arti that she would never find ayu, and even if she does, she would never be able to recognise him.

Arti says that those who dig a trap for others, fall in it themselves, and that her goddess is by her side, and now nothing would be wrong with her. Now what will happen with Surya? In the police station Vedika tells that she is injured because of Surya, then Police inspector puts Surya behind the bars.

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Surya goes to a temple with her daughter Vivsh. Later, Arti and Rukku feel confused to see the mangalsutra disappear, which they had kept in their shrine. Punar Vivaha – Episode – May 26, Surya wants to talk to that boy at home but he does not come to Surya’s home.

Later, Vedika gets emotional and cries, when Surya encourages her to face the problems all by herself.

But they are shocked to find that ishita is missing from the room. Game of love Personal Blog. Sections of this page. Surya’s mother hires a girl named Arpita to take care of Surya’s daughter.


Further, Parimala and Raki see Arun going secretly. Gayathri’s college friends come to meet Gayathri and they ask for Aarthi.

Aarthi remembers Surya’s previous comments and explains her feelings to her mother. The dancer tells that the people involved in kidnapping belonged to her locality. Ravi requests Santosh to send Vedika to his house. She comes to him, and says that she wishes he understood without saying, that she loved him even before arti pjnar in his life, and that she loves him more than her life, and that he ws forever hers.

Ravi defends Surya in Court as his lawyer. Vedika requests Santosh to take his complaint back.

Inspector calls Santosh to come to the police station along with his wife Vedika. Arti slaps her, for this, and while ishita tries to slap her too, she holds dpisode hands, and swears that she would have to teach ishita a lesson, and ties by the end of her saree, to the chair, while she keeps ranting helplessly about letting go to be with yash.

What will happen in Aarthi’s life?

She asks him not to talk like this. Yash reprimands ishita for doing this, when she is his sister in law. Further, Vedika enters into the shrine and takes the mangalsutra secretly. Will Vedika meet her mother? Ishita asks her to stop, with the knife behind her, saying that she cant leave with the love of her life. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 16, Aarthi’s son Aadi gets disturbed in school because of Surya’s behaviour.