Asad tells her not this time…. She asks him again where her daughter is. While keeping razia in mind, she tries to intimidate razia saying that every criminal leaves a trail behind, leading upto him. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. While razia and rajni are sleeping, ayan comes in and stealthily and places the mangalsutra by the bedside, and closes the door as he goes out. She informs Asad that she is alseep..! Therefore its required that they do whatever it takes to keep rashid under control, and under their domination.

Archived from the original on 3 December Ahdev has 37 books on their giveaways shelf: Sanam reaches to a corner where she finds a man kept prisoner. Notify me of new comments via email. He decides to take a turn back to Gudiya factory. Shyam is shocked hearing this.

Well you will see in the episode how Khushi doesn’t wish to accept the gift but eventually Arnav makes her open it. Writtten finally sees badi bi talking and giving something to humaira.

One of the traditions reports that the leader of the Azd asked the Djurhum [q. NK continues about the stamp on the passport and how he heard Shyamtalking about it when he was in his room.

She is scared that she would go bald. While razia deei rajni are sleeping, ayan comes in and stealthily and places the mangalsutra by the bedside, and closes the door as he goes out. Truth is its always no. As asad progresses backwards, she too goes into her room. This is crap yaar!!

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Ipkknd 14th July episode written update Maha https: Jones, of the Manor Farm, had locked the hen-houses for the night, but was too drunk to remember to shut the pop-holes. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The imposter says that how can he leave the car, and decides to throw badi bi, and keep the car to himself. Zoya thinks and says that though mariam was in the line of shot, yet he shot Dilshad.


He helps her get down the bed, and they both leave the room. She asks Asad that he will understand. Sanam reaches to a corner where she finds a man kept prisoner. He asks if she needs anything and ask him for it.

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Are these writers living in the stone age to be still writing as though people are so idiotic that they cannot read through the lines. Sanam runs from there. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Again gets a FB of her with Asad…while getting into the car……. Razia gets uncomfortable while rashid too engages in the discussion now, listening to everything.

Imagesvideos and stories in instagram about hotstar23 Oca Tutkunun Rengi: Both zoya and asad ask tanveer, lying on the bed, as to epidode they werent told about her condition. While badi bi desperately tries to call out for ayan, who is unable to see her, vikram is shit februzry.

But zoya is very hopeful that this little clue would lead them to thye criminal. Tanveer says i know the truth.

Tshan is shocked when the inspector tells him on the phone, that people at mangalpur were already arrested.

Khushi, meanwhile, receives gifts from Payal and Nandkishore. But seriously writter g jo zinda hai un ka to kuch kar lo mare howe log ko zinda kr re ho ahil ki sisters khn ha ayyan kahan hai haider khn ha wo zinda ha un ko asa lgta jse mar dya or nawabsahab jo mare the un ko zinda kr dya.

They see nikhat and the other girls listening to him, and he composes himself and says that she shouldnt bother, and its just marriage related tension. But as she eyes her next wish, she says that he wouldnt be able to fulfill this wish of hers, as this wish is supposed to be imcomplete in her destiny. Asad asks her to go sleep n she tells him to sleep n she goes n Asad too! As they are all happily and dreamily set for engagement, zoya asks him to think again, as this time its happening for real.


He says that he did that and gave exactly a 15 minutes space. During that time sanam moves to pakistan to search for tan veer for daughter.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Khushi is shocked beyond words at to what extent Shyam can lie.

List of All Search keywords. Retrieved 21 June Nawab tells Tanveer that she snatched his property, his life and his family from him and kept him tied up for 20 years jai her own selfish motives but now she will realize the pain of losing her own. Arnav doesn’t know it is Khushi’s birthday and Buaji thinks he ‘forgot’ and is upset because of this.

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Ipkknd 14th July episode written update Maha episode January 11, at 7: Sanam takes a chance and flees from there but Sanam-2 casts an evil eye on her. She asks about the fact that she heard from nazma, that he had called rashid.

Ishqbaaz Hint Jai.