Any news on Ghost palace? Posted 27 September – Guild Creation system to no longer allow blank space s in the name. Nightmare mode for Pyramid Dungeon. The great alliance between the Humans, the Laphines and the Sapha managed to drive Satan Morroc into a corner. Never use divine pride to fact check in game descriptions.

They grow so slowly! HP Bars added to Monsters. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Posted December 20, Sign in with Twitter. This contains an enchant item [Essence of Demon God] at random. Fantasmagorica Lots of NPC placement changes. Sign In Sign Up.

Episide Map System Posted December 23, edited. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Official Hercules Developers and High Council members have permission to add or modify this list.

Battlegrounds Queue System Styling Shop Interface This list was made as a way to figure out what all we’re missing, and work on getting back on track to matching official like we used to in the glory days. Posted October 22, Illusion of Abyss Honor Tokens and New Enchant Item Looking wpisode a January release.


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Already have an account? Illusion of Vampire Anyway it was a good council.

Explore the Flame Basin and help the soldiers to survive in the harsh conditions. Philippines localized map, Port Malaya. He disappeared while exploring the Dimensional Rift.

Episode 14.3?

Fantasmagorica Lots of NPC placement changes. Eden Group Changes Any news on Ghost palace?

This topic will list out the major episode releases of kRO and the updates under them. The gravestone will remain until 14.3 monster respawns.

I went to iRO’s main page and found nothing Posted April 26, rafnarok Horror Toy Factory Memorial Dungeon Over time, as I do the stupid fire pit quest, I will update it. I’d like to thank Kisuka at Hercules for creating it too. Endless Tower Fixes They grow so slowly! Decisive Battle Part 2. Decisive Battle Part 1 New Third Class Skills Posted December 22, edited.

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Guild Investment System Hall of Abyss. Sign in Already have an account? Posted May 12, Battlegrounds Queue System Posted December 23, Item Link System show your items via PM Not everyone is allowed to access to the combat zone, you will have to find a hidden path to join ragnaeok battlefield.


Posted 15 April – It duplicates the client’s mistakes.