Technically, I wish the movie was slightly better edited. The cinematography and the pace made it for me. In fact, I was at the temple of Yellamma the Goddess this March. VBP however, had me falling off my seat. As the story progresses, the protagonist meets with the king and complains of how he has been continuously robbed of opportunities by people coming in from the rest of the world. If you have young children, avoid taking them to the theatre. If you get affected by a raw presentation of social issues, you may want to opt-out. I highly recommend it.

If you get affected by a raw presentation of social issues, you may want to opt-out. Raigadala Jevha Jaag Yete is the play that explores the relationship between a Shivaji — A king as well as a father, and his eldest son Sambhaji — the natural successor to the throne. Ramesh Deo comes in a for a few minutes in the film and is a saving grace, even if miniscule. I have learnt to ignore that from the story. The lead role is played by Nana Patekar ; I have great respect for that man. But do not attempt to live such a life; one thing that will become obvious after you see this film, it takes much more than simple motivation to live such a life.

Potential Spoilers Ahead … I did wtch at times that the premise of the story was quite a bit contrived. Part 2 Online Sikhe 5 years ago.


Non-Marathi audiences can enjoy the film in almost the same way that Marathi audience can enjoy it. Something has to be said of the tears, though. What do you call a cross between a biopic, documentary, and a feature film?

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Ek Yugpurush insists on violating the biopic. When possible, light has been used to dramatic effect.

Technically, I wish the movie was slightly better edited. I loved the movie. That effect, is, however, to dilute the stark reality of the life of the protagonist.

Kashinath Ghanekar on stage delivering the performance, with his signature pauses and voice modulation. If this is the harbinger of what we will see in the days to come from the Marathi Film Industry, I am mighty proud. Some stupidity with a police officer and the revenge is to entangle the daughter of the police officer in a love game.

They were in Hindi. The play tumbles through the relationships and the roles of these two great personalities, the misunderstandings that distance and time had caused between this father and sun duo.

Guy meets girl, falls in love, rest of his friends tease him. Pride is a characteristic, not an ornament.

Sudhir Palsane has done a good job with the camera, without any distracting gimmicks. Consider Sardar — a biopic on Sardar Vallabhai Patel. It will be interesting to see if there are any more flowers in his bouquet.


Prakash Amte, I took up the entire film on face value. The writing is pacy, even if you imagine the mighty Dr.

The repeated low-angle hooves are a bit overdone. Siddharth Jadhav as Usman Parkar is a treat to watch you half-expect him to do something funny!

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The character that is both black and white but neither, yet not grey. Ek Yugpurush, but gracefully gives way to the biopic and respects haag audience, right until the movie ends.

Duniyadari, the word, to my mind — is being worldly-wise. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Shivputra Shambhu raje Dr. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The dialogues were over-simplified, and delivered without passion. Or something to that effect, It is a big pain to search in Facebook, so, I will not try.

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This unfortunate practice continues to this date. Fair enough, lack of budget, I am OK with it. That was a master stroke. In addition to Marathi stage and movies,