The doctor called by Mona gives Babuji a clean chit. Goldie also tells him how asking forgiveness from Daarji would make him a great person. Sweetie later asks Amrit to convince Mona to marry Goldie as her refusal would put Sweetie in an awkward position at her in-laws’ house. Anukalp is very upset and sad. Anukalp sulks after learning about the priest’s visit. Anukalp declines the invitation saying that he has a headache. Hetal is sad as she will not be able to play Dandiya traditional dance form of Gujarat. Goldie promises to bring Mona back home on time.

Satnaam apologizes to the grooms father. Anukalp apologises to Mona for not offering her a lift. Satnaam and his family are worried that Mona hasn’t returned home yet. While leaving for office in an auto-rickshaw, Anukalp hears Mona calling out to him; however, he ignores her. Amrit tries to make Karan and Sweetie understand that Gurnaam is not wrong as he wishes only well for them. Mona admits that it was her mistake as she had failed to inform her family. Rano dramatically tells Satnaam that Mona had lied to everybody about college and was with Goldie the whole day. Daarji asks Karan to get into the room from the balcony.

Mona chases the auto-rickshaw and asks its driver to stop. Anukalp takes Mona to his room to shows her his books and photos.

Anukalp thanks Mona for an eventful day. Anukalp attends the Anant Karaj, the Sikh wedding ceremony, at the Gurudwara.

Adarsh threatens to commit suicide and slashes his wrist. Vimmi, Karan and Rano discuss that their neighbours are very weird, especially Bharti. Vimmi is hurt and speechless. When Goldie buys ice-cream mi,ayi Mona, Anukalp regrets having promised to get married as per Bharti’s wish. Anukalp tells Mona that he hadnt foreseen this.


The guests comment that since Bharti has only two daughters, Mona must be their daughter-in-law. Even the Bedi family joins in.

Ram Milayi Jodi 12th April pt4 – video dailymotion

When she sees Karan, she runs away. Mona calls up Anukalp to give him a carpenters contact but Anukalp refuses the help. Amrit thinks about the epidode closeness between Anukalp and Mona and agrees to do something.

Gurnaam watches the ceremony from afar. He tells Amrit that no one else should come to know about Adarshs return. Bharti refuses as they do not consume onions and garlic. Baa is pleased with Karans gesture but Bharti is furious. Unknown to them, Anukalp listens to their conversation.

Ram Milayi Jodi [Episode ] – 11th April – pt3 – video dailymotion

Amrit gets upset when Satnaam tells her that the grooms uncle wants sweets packed in silver boxes. Bharti storms out of the house and meets Gurnaam.

Anukalp firmly refuses to influence Mona’s decision but asks her to follow her heart. Kalpesh tries to tell Bharti that she should not dislike Mona. Sweetie calls up Parmeet but Parmeet replies that since Satnaam and his father are still in conversation, he cannot talk and hangs up. Anukalp and Vimmi offer sweets to Babuji on the doctors orders. Adarsh also mentions in the letter that if he fails to win Sweetys love, he will commit suicide on her wedding day.


Ram Milayi Jodi [Episode 372] – 12th April 2012 – pt1

Anukalp is happy to see Mona waiting for him. However, she ends up further ridiculing and insulting her. Vimmi comes looking for Mona and Sweetie vents her anger on Vimmi too. Baa asks Mona why she hasnt worn a traditional dress. Daarji is moved and hopes that Gurnaam jpdi go away so that they are saved from any more disgrace.

Mona does not like it and refuses to get married saying that she does not want to leave her family. Meanwhile, Anukalp changes his mind and comes back to pick Mona. Aditya teases him eipsode he must be involved with some Punjabi girl. He tries to talk to Sweetie but Sweetie is upset. Amrit asks Mona to take time to decide about marrying Goldie.

Ram Milayi Jodi 12th April 2012 pt4

Mona teases Sweetie that she worries too much about her beauty. Ram Milaayi Jodi Season 1. Mona tells him that she will not take the important decision of her marriage without taking Anukalp’s approval. Mona meets Anukalp and requests him to help her.

Satnaam fears Adarsh will create problems and asks Karan to remain cautious. Meanwhile, Mona is busy talking to Anukalp. Mona looks on helplessly.