My Partner the Ghost — 7. Except for some brief exterior scenes in the pilot episode and original opening titles, most of the scenes featuring the principal cast were shot in the studio. Silent behind-the-scenes footage of this episode was included as an extra on the fourth-region 2 DVD. Marty Hopkirk 26 episodes, Annette Andre The premise of the show was the same, but the circumstances of Hopkirk’s death were changed. Not informing the police nor accepting any part in it, Randall watches from a nearby street and is caught by the police and imprisoned. When Gloria takes a lover of her own, choreographer Kim, in order to remove the obstacle of her husband, he plots to kill Fernandez by dressing as a woman in the audience and placing a loaded bullet in the gun’s chamber during the act. List of Randall and Hopkirk Deceased episodes.

Jeff has fallen from a balcony in the line of duty and is in hospital with a broken leg. Harold is ambitious and wants to better himself, but his In the episode ” The House on Haunted Hill “, Marty shows a great fear of electronic equipment that produces the sounds and noises of ghosts in the attic of a house. Jeff investigates the disappearance of a wealthy young heiress’s aunt. Marty is instrumental throughout the series in ensuring Jeff is aware of the occurrences of crimes and more often than not is responsible for saving his partner’s life in each episode by using his supernatural powers. Jeff is hired to retrieve stolen funds by a nun , only to discover the nun is not what she seems to be and he is being set up. Silent behind-the-scenes footage of this episode was included as an extra on the fourth-region 2 DVD.

Joining forces with the policeJeff adopts a mindreading act with Marty’s help and is hired by the theatre. I can’t express how mesmerizing the theme was or the randall of waiting for Saturday afternoon to come around so I could watch the episodes when I was a child.

This page was last edited on 18 Februaryat Meanwhile, in this episode Marty acquires a taste for dining at the finest restaurants, remarking that he had recently dined at the Savoy with the Prime Minister at the time Harold Wilson.

The series was released on seven region 2 DVDs in —, which were then issued as a box set by Carlton.


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I hope that I may stumble on a used version in a used DVD store. ITC Entertainment produced a single series of 26 episodes in andwhich was aired from September to March Marty Hopkirk 26 episodes, Annette Andre In episode 8, ” Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying?

Shot by a second unit crew using stand-ins for the leads, the sequence runs to 1 minute, 6 seconds.

When Gloria is about to spill the beans deceassd the force of Randall, Kim kills her to try and protect his secret. On Disc at Amazon.

My Partner the Ghost

The use of a brass band and orchestra with the prevalent use of fluteclarinetviolinstrumpetsand harpsichord on both the main title track and other soundtracks epitomised the music scores created for many action series in decdased s.

Carol Cleveland appears as Laura Slade. It was the only ITV station to screen all 26 episodes without breaks in transmission. Add the first question. Two enemy agents murder a high British Secret Service official and his wife and pass themselves as their impostors in their own home to steal important documents.

Randall and Hopkirk Deceased episode. She is highly resourceful and able as a secretary but often she appears as very naive and vulnerable, which has put her own raandall in danger on many occasions. At times, Jeff can appear a highly ambiguous character. Forgotten password New to Next Episode? Randall and Hopkirk Hopkiro episodes British television episodes.

While Jeff keeps guard of the valuable birds, he discovers that members of the family of the manor are being murdered one by one, gradually narrowing down the suspects, leaving Jeff with the surprising culprit.

Edit Cast Series cast summary: A thirty-something year-old man named Harold and his elderly father, Albert, episoee as rag and bone men collecting 9169 selling junk. This is also one of the first episodes where Marty physically threatens to haunt somebody as a traditional ghost would, in order to force him to give Jeff a helping hand.

Randall and Hopkirk Deceased. List of Randall hopkrk Hopkirk Deceased episodes. The Trouble with Women. Craig Stirling, Sharron Macready and Richard Barrett were agents for Nemesis, an international intelligence organization based in Geneva.

I highly recommend for everyone that has any artistic blood for european culture or the swining 60s to see the original series!


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It is all part of a plot to episide his father’s fortune but when he marries his young housekeeper the plan is demised. When a theatre performer is murdered by a loaded gun during one of his acts Jeff joins the theatre as a mind reader to investigate his murder and hunt down the killer. Only a ghost would notice the smile behind the veil of hlpkirk funeral mourner. When Jeff and Jeannie find a dead body in their car unknown to them at the time that the man they met outside was a killer, Jeannie is held hostage to keep Randall from confessing to the police and giving a testimony in court.

Every vote counts as the recommendation is based on suggestions volume Terry and Bob from The Likely Lads continue their life after Terry arrives home from serving in the Army to discover that Bob is about to marry his girlfriend Thelma. However, towards the end he teases Bugsy by manipulating objects in his direction, objects that can be seen moving and crashing to the human eye.

His powers are very limited, in that he physically cannot touch anything and has no extrasensory knowledge of events that take place when he is not present.

List of Randall and Hopkirk Deceased episodes. Marty’s correct deductions and his ability to stop enemy agents in the end solidifies Jeff’s trust of him. A villain called Hellingworth uses medium Cecil Purley to prove that Marty ajd indeed a ghost and, posing randalp an insurance salesman, approaches Jeff for alleged help with robberies in the knowledge Randall is the only main character able to see or hear him, although certain minor characters are also able to do so in various circumstances throughout the series such as when drunk or under hypnosis.

A vengeance-seeking escaped convict decides that since Marty Hopkirk, the man who put him behind bars is dead then his widow Jeannie will have to suffer.

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