This Week’s Top Trailers. He proposed that they both go to the other shop for the garment and the woman acquiesced. Representing himself as the Algerian or crony of a man who had once lived at No 5 Rue Marcoris Kareh bought drinks with bewildering rapidity. So while the underworld denizens of Alexandria lived their daily routine in ignorance that a net was being spread throughout the city the police kept on the track. Full Cast and Crew. The name of the American who upturned all this terrible recital of bloodshed and greed is John Edgar Madden formerly of Akron, Ohio. She named a notorious drinking den in the Labbane quarter as the place of rendezvous. What had happened, though, was this:

She seldom slept in these rooms but she carried keys to them in case she encountered a subject of such affluence that a speedy death was advisable. She refused to tell the whereabouts of her sister Sekina. His landlady, a widow and successful businesswoman in the quarter of the Citadel, seduces him. It was a cheap deception and not especially well carried out according to Western ideas of such tricks, but it was enough to unlock the lips of the two superstitious women. All that could be ascertained so this police captain one Kareh reported was that the occupants of the house were in the habit of leaving the place at daybreak and not returning until nightfall each evening. Do you have an online source for the complete list? They will unless some night a jail attendant grows fatigued at the sight of them or tires of answering their calls for some scanty prison comfort. Chased by the Dogs

Being Egypt’s first ever case of serial killings, the police is relentless and assigns the case to their best inspector. It is difficult to predict where the discoveries made by Mr. What had happened, though, was this: He counted it into equal parts, which he next solemnly handed to the sisters. This friend was the American engineer.

Abdel Razaq Mohamed El-Shaqanqery Chased by the Dogs For a thorough history of the case see Al-Ahram Weekly, June http: The scent led to a remote corner in the basement or rather an sikna rudely dug under the street floor and stretching out beneath the sidewalk. Afterwards, the men would remove the tiles of the floor, dig a hole, bury the corpse in it, and reset the tiles. Edit Cast Credited cast: Never was there any taste or smell similar. Most of the victims came from this area. All that they told of themselves and of the crimes they admitted skia corroborated by subsequent investigation.

A few minutes of this well fabricated uproar and Sekina fell on her knees, beseeching the jailers to tell her why she was being detained the prefect of police in person told her it was for the purpose of having her tell her it was for the purpose of having her tell the truth about the houses in Rue Marcoris and in Rue Aler Bey Kebir.


The Unknown History of MISANDRY: Raya & Sekina Aly Hammam, Egyptian Serial Killing Sisters –

Raya and Sakina Arabic: Americans and Englishmen living in Alexandria told me that it was not until they had been in the city six months at the shortest that they were able to ignore the camel smell and the camel taste which assailed them everywhere I can attest that while in Alexandria in every restaurant I entered I tasted camel in the soup, in the butter, in the vegetables, in the water and in the coffee. After the girl had ceased breathing they robbed her of all valuables, taking even the silk stockings and richly embroidered underwear.

These people seem to have made no profit out of their alleged crimes as they were living in the most wretched conditions.

Watch our trailer of trailers. Learn more More Like This. The beat that can be said of Alexandria is that it is a city of memories. His first step was to learn from his landlord the names of the tenants skian had occupied the house before he moved in. Aurabi Zizi Mustafa Representing himself as the Algerian or crony of a man who had once lived at No 5 Rue Marcoris Kareh bought drinks with bewildering rapidity. As for the police — well they were for the most part natives and as was to have been expected they were not in the slightest agitated over the discovery.

Raya and Sakina – Wikipedia

The two sisters sold the stolen jewelry to a local jeweler, Ali Hasan, and divided the money among the six criminals. They have not yet had formal trial but I am in a position to say it, had they not confessed the evidence against them would be too sweeping.

She told where her jewels which she had purchased with some of her spoils were hidden. Zouzou Hamdi El Hakim Learn more More Like This.

Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon. On the third day of his masquerading one of his disreputable but unwitting confederates pointed out to him on the waterfront a woman who was known to have visited the house in Rue Marcoris under its former occupancy. Behind Egypt’s most infamous murder case. An officer balancing his marriage and police responsibilities releases a prisoner temporarily with fiml aim of using him to find and capture his old gang.


Atris’ reign of terror on the villagers skinz put to the test when a public act of skjna The American, however, had, in his several years residence in this country acquired an excellent insight into the Egyptian character.

The mayor of Al-Mazareeta, earlier in his life, he met an American woman and had twins with her. Guide to African Cinema. A man with cardiac problems, had heart attack and sent his daughter to get the medicine from the drug store, however the pharmacist discovers that he sent the rayw medication, he cooperates with the police to stop a disaster.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. That is the idea here. Raya wa Sekina — 6.

Raya wa Sekina

She described one after another the death scenes of their miserable prey. After luring a victim to er of the four homes, they would offer her wine and liquor until she became inebriated.

The wife of a rich carpenter had sent a coat to another shop in Rue des Soers. Sekina Reyad El Kasabgy She refused to tell the whereabouts of her sister Sekina. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Alexandria to the sensitive nostril of every American and European visitor coming within the raha gates. The Al Haram source gives the captions one way and a article in Haaretz has switched the captions and has modified the photos too.

A young man trying to find a job to get money to be able to marry the one he loves. The little Arabian was won over by the opportunity to break the monotony of an evening away from her master and consented to go on the mythical excursion. Abbas al abiad fi al yawm al aswad TV Series Another common detail was the report that many of the missing women were last seen with both or either one of the two sisters.

Knowing that the surest way to spread the ft of te discovery and thereby warn the criminal that the police were on his trail would be to appear in the least excited over what had ft place in his abode he concealed from the workmen the fact that he had sent for the authorities.

Allaeb ma’a alkebar