He starts to drink again and eat unhealthy food but he has Raylan and the expatriate bodyguard Robert Gee to protect him. Some scenes and dialogue made it onto the screen in the first episode and a less globe trotting version of Harry’s story can be found in episode 4 “Long in the Tooth” which includes the back roads confrontation between Raylan and two mob gunmen. Yes, he is a changer, but he’s not a transformer unless you count the way he transforms an ex-stripper named Joyce into a person who wants more than the lot for which she has previously settled. Feb 06, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: If Doc Holliday stepped out of a time machine into the present day, he’d behave a lot like Raylan Givens — short on legal expertise or investigative techniques, long on marksmanship and justice. The Cowboy ak I really enjoyed reading this because of Elmore Leonard’s effortless narrative style of writing.

Clooney was very good, but Olyphant is exact. And I’m not sure why, outside of the fact that Sony owns the rights to the character and I can’t sell the book on my own to somebody else if Raylan’s in it. Dickie and Coover appear in the Raylan novel as members of the Crowe family, and their father, Pervis, minds the store while his boys are off plotting to kidnap men, remove their kidneys and sell them back — a plotline that arises in the third season of “Justified. For a second time Harry gives him the slip and this time Raylan follows him to Italy to protect him from the stupidity of Harry himself and that of the Justice department who are responsible for the ordered hit on Harry. It was certainly interesting to see how they pulled isolated incidents from the books and melded them into a coherent set of episodes on the TV show. Marshals Service, anticipating that Harry needs to stay healthy long enough to testify, posts one of their men outside his apartment.

Otherwise, he is pretty much the same, and you ladies can always imagine he looks just like Timothy Ralan if you want to. I raypan imagine the author b Did I read the same book as everyone else?

This wasn’t a bad gaylan, it bogged down badly in the middle With a lesser writer, Raylan’s metamorphosis into a gritty, witty hero would seem implausible at best; however, because Leonard repeatedly demonstrates Raylan’s inherent kindness–and more importantly, his willingness to trust others and forgive them for their sins–we come to understand that Raylan doesn’t really metamorphose as much as he simply learns from his mistakes and digs down deep to find a better version of himself.


If television viewers continue to embrace rich, complex, novelistic storytelling, then yes, we should expect writers like Leonard, Ames, Karr, Foer, Russell and Franzen to be drawn to the form. He knew that a writer could manipulate his stories and his characters in order to enhance the thrill of the read.

I recommend any of novep books from his early westerns like Valez Is Coming and Hombre to his Raylan Givens novels in the present. With the first five seasons of ‘Justified’ currently available on demand to Sky subscribers I was tempted into watching this show from the start. Nicky shoots Jimmy while the latter is naked and shaving. The Mistress aka Gloria: Tommy wants to take over from Jimmy, Nicky wants to kill Tommy and take his job and Gloria the bimbo is watching like a piranha waiting to see which of the 3 men she should pin her future penis polishing hopes upon.

I started reading the Ralyan Givens series after reading an interview with Elmore Leonard who remarked that the writing and character of Givens in the TV series was spot-on. McCormick got this guy Kenneth to lie to Jimmy and tell him that Harry was stealing from him.

He’s a slightly different character than his screen version with a slightly different back story but essentially they occupy the same space both being sharp shooters, masters of the psychological edge that all gunmen need to stay in the game and of course there’s the hat.

Elmore Leonard rips off “Justified”!

Greene was aware that sybopsis writer had great power over the worlds he created. Jimmy Cap puts out a hit on Harry and, ciao, baby, Harry decides to move up his retirement date and leave the country. The feds have figured out that Harry is skimming from his boss, and by putting that information on the street, hope Harry will run to them for protection, turning state’s witness against Jimmy Cap.

He dressed only in suave suits and liked to copy the style of real life ’50’s mobster Frank Costello. On the show, however, it is Dickie Bennett and his neo-Nazi friend Dewey Crowe who are nearly the victims of the kidney thieves. stnopsis

Leonard explores Pound in Italy, a synlpsis of Ezra Pound’s Cantos and the story of the love triangle between Ezra Pound, his wife, and his mistress. He’s a wonderful character, too. The Meathead aka Nicky Testa aka Mr. This time Raylan was not going to let Harry get away again. Or, maybe it’s simply because Harry envied Pound’s ability to live life an adventurous expatriate existence and share noevl same house with both his wife and mistress.


At times he cuts a pathetic figure, especially while drinking, yet he can also be cunning and ruthless.

Summaries and Excerpts: Raylan : a novel / Elmore Leonard.

HBO, along with producer Scott Rudin, went on an acquiring spree last year, signing contemporary writers left and right to produce new shows. Harry would have only had to contend with Raylan coming after him, had he not called Joyce and asked her to come meet him. In the novel Raylan comes off as being a few bricks shy of a load–a good ol’ boy in over his head, until you begin to realize that’s the persona he’s trying to project.

This is actually quite fitting.

Thus Pronto has made it onto an exclusive list: I had Raylan Givens pegged as both a poor excuse for a marshal, but Leonard flips all those presumptions on their head in the climax.

The only reason rayln dont rate this book higher with more stars is that other characters was not as well written as Raylan. The problem is that Harry has been skimming–for years, in fact. May 29, Daniel Villines rated it really liked it. It is probably one of my favorites novels with Rum Punch close behind, which is high praise because it was my favorite Leonard novel.

Leonard apparently took some of his own advice. Ezra P was the only internationally famous American Harry had ever met and his memory had been that of an impressionable 20 yr old so it’s elevated to the second most movel event in his life. Leonard is a master story teller whose characters are so incredibly flawed that you can’t help be drawn in by their idiosyncrasies.

He starts out as a supporting character in what turns out to be a character piece.