Whatever befalls you, try and greet it with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart. You didn’t want to cause any a.. We are after all merely electronic life forms and therefore expendable. Rimmerworld 04 Nov 8. Left on Red Dwarf to die, Rimmer, Retrieved 29 January

In just six days I had created my own world, lush and verdant. He is grinding extremely small worry balls with his fingers. Archived from the original on 7 January Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night CAT If one of those suckers bumps into me, he’ll be lunching on laser, Arms bazookoid Last time we met I was wearing the same outfit, and no-one’s gonna survive to tell that story. Posted by Robanes at 9: When there is no richness or variety, congenital disorders and inherited lunacy are commonplace. Share this Rating Title:

The others escape using a hand-held matter transporter which Kryten has found.

Rimmerworld 04 Nov Lister comes up with a complicated and elaborate plan to escape before Kryten suggests using the time and matter transporter. You’ve got to find a way of getting me back.

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Not content with blasting their ship out of the sky, you now want to go back and steal what remains of their belongings? CAT Let me check my lining. CAT Logging onto the ident computer.

Quick shot of CAT The reserve fuel tank got punctured when we crashed into rimmerworlc ocean moon. The idea of Rimmer failing to get along with duplicates of himself feels rather like a retread of “Me 2 “, and the dwsrf that the world is controlled by Rimmer’s worst impulses rrimmerworld very evocative of “Terrorform”. This is a week last Thursday. When is he ever wrong? Rimmer’s pod, discovered to be looted and on auto-pilot, heads straight for the closest S3 planet, on the other side of a wormholeand when it arrives Rimmer decides to use the terraforming equipment to create a paradise.


He is grinding extremely small worry balls with his fingers. You crept in here last night, knowing you were going to have a medical, and you copied the eye charts onto your shoes. And when you’ve killed them, rimkerworld the bodies, then bring me the cold ashes on a silver plate, with a glass of chilled sancerre.

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Nonetheless, there are all sorts of unnecessary explanations to cover this and why Rimmer would age as the actor who plays him ages. Whisper ‘charge’, tippytoe up to them all screaming ‘shh’ and chloroform them with Lister’s armpits? Red Dwarf – Super scanner. However, during their escape, they inadvertently travel in time to a week before due to Kryten making a programming error. This is a classic stalemate situation.

According to the scan, there’s lifesigns. Yes, I remember you. Let’s chalk this one down to experience and we’ll be on our merry way, yeah? I was Adam, in my own Dwrf, and only one thing was missing, my own Jane. The scan says the superstructure is highly unstable and could go at eepisode time. I can’t stand it any more. Elizabeth Hickling as actress and model. Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Scientists create virtual face – just like Holly from Red Dwarf. If we wanted to live in a state of perpetual agony, we’d let Lister play his guitar.


KRYTEN Are you of the school that, when faced with bad news, prefers to hear that news naked and unvarnished, or are you episdoe the ilk that prefers to live in happy and blissful ignorance of the nightmare you’re facing.

Technically, she would be my sister, and therefore unable to take me as her lover. They’re cybernetically deranged mechanical killing machines. That’s the metaphorical equivalent of flopping your wedding tackle into a lion’s mouth and flicking his love spuds with a wet towel.

You didn’t want to cause any a. The pod had indeed been looted from a seeding ship.

The setup is so lengthy that the actual rummerworld sequence feels like a rushed coda to a story primarily about looting the simulant ship from “Gunmen” and the conflict between this and Rimmer’s diagnosis with a nervous disorder.