My love also extends to the other cast members, whom I had been either completely unfamiliar with or hadn’t had a chance to see in anything noteworthy yet. I really liked the last scene where Joon Jae and Tae Woong both showing up because it demonstrates not only the brothers’ respective loves for Shi Won wife and sister in law but also how much they support each other. NN September 14, at 5: He says that he folded right away when Hyung told him he liked Shi-won, without a second thought. I think a lot of viewers are in the same place as Yoon Jae, in misunderstanding Taewoong, which the writers did wonderfully, so that maybe we too can carry this experience with us. Why can’t they just let us ship them in peace?!? The smallest things say so much.

However, all of a sudden, we began to change. It always plays when the storyline changes from 90s to present or vice versa. Answer Me Favorite. Ladytron33 September 14, at 8: I am very certain that the baby is Yong Jae’s Hate to see it end. Tae woong is really not your average person.

Yoon Jaehowever, could turn me into a piece of jelly with those puppy eyes that were glued to Shi Won.

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SillyRnti September 14, at This drama is just so superbly written and utterly heart-wrenching in the best kind of way. D so much love for reply I can’t imagine what would happen if everything just came to a stop.

Log in with Email. The singer in this song sounds like it may be Vanessa Carlton but Episdoe am not absolutely sure.

Oc-ca September 14, at 8: But Tae-woong says it for him: I really like that song. Tae-woong sits down in the stairwell with his secret peaches, as Joon-hee answers the call from Shi-won.


He was also afraid or still is of telling him that he’s gay, for feel that Yoon-jae might act different around him. It is rather silly imo. Tae-woong is now the love of my life.

Korean Drama Review: Answer Me/Reply 1997 (2012)

Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Episodes by LollyPip. He wishes he would’ve just gone to the air academy, wishes he’d moved out sooner. Twice – “Dance the Night Away”. Ladytron33 September 14, at 8: Especially since he can only hang up by pressing a button, not the usual dramatic way of clasping the phone HAHAH The juxtaposition really has a better effect: I mean, he never did anything wrong.

Shiwon and Yoon Jae seem to have that type of relationship. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Also, I never said this drama has no flaw and if there is you have to epiosde it. The last part of this one, Episods almost cry It was part telling the story in a near empty bus station and part Dad’s expression as Uncle was telling the story Sung Dong-il just kills that scene and the actor who plays the Uncle also did a good job.

What Tae-woong did for Yoon-jae was awesome and brotherly. Indigo November 15, at 5: Then I could find a way to not like you. Do you hear me? Since this episode seems to be more about the brothers actually the last third of this whole series seems to be about brothers seeing them be there for the epsode is super important.


Do you know dranacrazy song when bang sung jae sing to dan ji at episode 1 before he ask her to take their picture. So, I honestly can’t see why it would’ve been any different for Joon-hee. Mom and Dad pace in the maternity ward, and then finally the doctor comes out and asks for the father.

I love how Tae-woong resolves Yoon-jae’s passive aggressive anger issues towards him and made their bond even stronger yay writer nim you really are da bomb.

She guesses Sung-jae, dramacrszy he corrects her—Yoon-jae.

I know that he is happy and successful in the end, but it pains me to think that such a wonderful person would have to go through so much loss in his life. It was the perfect ensemble of actors. I really love this drama, definitely one of my favorites of the season.

I must have cried buckets. Yong jae’s part at the end Seo rsply guk- tease me! That we get an ending for everyone else not just Shi Won and Yoon Jae.

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I knew my love for Taewoong wasn’t misplaced, though episode 15 preview DID scare me. Where can I watch or download Answer Me ? There was a time when we struggled to be the same.