He knows how to tell a story. The Train of Lost Things. I spent all the afternoon editing those things The open book and match box and the glove he pulls off in his last trying attempt to save himself are all there as evidence of that. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Revolver A boy is accosted and threatened by a man who claims the the boy’s family owes him gold and the man is willing to extract what he believes is owed to him by any means necessary. As the son hears his father talk about this object almost religiously, he becomes fascinated with it too. A fifteen years-old boy living in a little cabin in Nome, Alaska.

It wasn’t exactly ghostly, or spooky, like Marcus Sedgwick’s other titles that I’ve read so it was like a fresh new read in a very different genre from one of my favourite authors. View all 18 comments. Revolver, by Marcus Sedgwick. Sig’s moral dilemma over whether or not to use the family gun although it could protect his family from a dangerous man is topic that remains relevant now as it was in But I think the story needed something more than that. I really enjoyed Revolver and I think readers who like suspense and mystery stories will love this one. Item s unavailable for purchase. This book is really short but it will put you on the edge of your seat.

The Wind in the Willows. The frozen dead corpse of his father. Same suffocating, snowy ambiance. In my opinion, I think it’s because a part of her also wishes that she could bring herself to love something that could clearly make herself and her father have something in common: If I’m being honest, they just never really sounded that appealing to me, despite the fact that I’ve been told by numerous people to give his books a try.


You just have to look for it. This tiny detail distracted me so much that I closed synopsiis book, Googled photos of historic dogsleds, and squinted at my computer screen to see all their parts.

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You have to look for it. In the early s, fourteen-year-old Sig and his family are on the run from a mysterious stranger who has chased them all over the Arctic. There’s always a third choice in life.

If only he could get ssynopsis it…and then his sister comes back and she is all alone.

Monkfish Maggie and the Bungalow Stairs. The characters were all relatable, and some of the subjects as well.

If you view it from a distance, you might just assume it’s a bit action-y with a mystery. Lots of people love his books, but Revolver by Marcus Sedgwick 14 year old Sig was all alone with a corpse and later on out of the darkness comes a stranger by the name of Gunther Wolff.

It comes as no surprise that I fully expected it to be good. This book is really short but it will put you on the edge of your seat. They can be talking about nonsense and you will be hypnotized.

Or should he turn to his father instead, and succumb to the nagging presence of the old revolver lying in wait, hidden in the pantry? Marcus Sedgwick has not disappointed me and I really hope he doesn’t. The story is very engaging and thrilling. The narrators voice just felt too modern. See, I do not believe in Fate or whatever you want to call it. She calmly asks Sig if he is alright, then turns to the stranger sitting at the table to ask who he is. But I kinda hoped it would be awesome.


Alone, except for the corpse of his father, who died earlier that day after falling through a weak spot on the ice-covered lake. And I understand that it’s harder said than done because they aren’t in the book much, but I think they should have been. A taut frontier survivor story, set at the time of the Alaska gold rush. I spent all the afternoon editing those things Wolff hits her and then pistol whips Sig for lying about the papers revealing the location of the gold.

Moral and spiritual dilemmas.

Omega Rising Book 3. He also would give Sig advice such as never cross a frozen lake after seeing a hooded crow, although as Sig thinks about it, he realizes this is a piece of advice that Einar’s father had broken.

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People who like their YA with a psychological thrill. Jul 14, Vanessa J. You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: His sister, Anna, and step-mother, Nadya, have gone to the local town for help.

This is no sweet book. This a beautifully written YA novel, but I have no idea who would be its audience.

Are there things that might have improved my reading experience: She Is Not Invisible. Sig did what he had to do in order to save his sister’s life and he was such a young boy, too.

It’s 2 pages over pages Wolf is now after Sig, and he was almost killed. Hardcoverpages.