The girls try to push around the bride more, but Aki tells them to leave. Full List of Academy Awards Winners. The basic story is about a shy girl named Mitsuko who ends up travelling to different realities, but everywhere she goes, those around her are brutally killed. Mitsuko, Keiko and Izumi. If you think about it like this, the scene where the school girl says to her that as long as she lives they will continue to die makes sense. I am actually interested on other peoples opinion on how they see the film, and I do believe that I don’t need to watch the previous films and the series in order to understand the message of the film.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: She finds herself in a lewd, dingy city called “Men’s World” filled with only men who pervertedly enjoy a poster advertisement for a “legendary” violent 3D survival horror video game called “Tag,” depicting Mitsuko, Keiko, and Izumi as playable characters. And out of the others mention the only one I haven’t liked was Noriko’s Dinner Table. As they run, they reminisce about their time together in middle school. She represents nonconformity and doing what you want. The bride manages to run away and she runs away down the streets in her wedding dress. But then Mitsuko remembers the advice of Sur from the beginning of the movie:

Mitsuko is making them their own. The old summray tells her that the final stage is the fulfillment of his deepest wish and he tells her to succumb to her destiny. It slices the bus and all of the girls inside in half, except for Mitsuko, who happened to bend down as it went by.

Dazed and surrounded by numerous dead high school girls, she cleans herself off and changes into another schoolgirl’s uniform and stumbles onto a different high school campus. A younger version of the old man appears beside a bed and strips down, beckoning her to come to bed with him. Here the yuri and feminist themes become obvious again.

This can be anime, manga, or other related media. Mitsuko runs away from the school until she reaches the city and runs into a female police officer. How To Train Your Dragon: The next part one of the strangest yet most significant scenes in the whole movie.

But just like the first one, it summqry all in her mind – and as an escape she killed herself with a broken bottle. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Well, It’s not that offensive but analyzing from her eccentric behaviour she was actually sensitive from teasing. She plays the biggest role here and I don’t even think she even really exist.


The crowd is all made up of females. Nov 21, Rating: As she approaches the altar, there is no groom.

If there was a way I could describe this movie would be like a weirdly Japanese version of Quantum Leap as the story looks at Mitsuko’s jump from alternate universe to alternate universe where, no matter what she does, everyone there meets an incredibly violent end.

Thanks for pointing that out!

Violent Japanese Horror Movie Tag (Riaru Onigokko) Is A Strange, Surreal Yuri Metaphor

I myself am a queer girl and I use the phrase. The feathers no longer have a predetermined fate. I was enjoying it as a weird, strange and surreal Japanese movie. From here, Mitsuko, Aki, and their two friends Taeko and Sur short for Surreal skip class and have fun in the forest. At first she lies down on her back, a traditionally submissive position. But that’s neither here nor there, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a Sono movie and it’s plain to see that he has not his knack for making films that defy simple classification.

The Film shows 3 personas, namely: Keiko is a person who is bound to marry someone.

Everything here serves a purpose and that is to get Mitsuko out of this dream-like state to stop this endless cycle of mindless violence.

Tag is a manic rollercoaster ride of kinetic horror and exploitation cinema. The last part – the man on briefs and the male world.

Tag () – Plot Summary – IMDb

Like Liked by 1 person. Then, the most blatantly feminist moment happens. What we should notice was Mitsuko was alone, she was writing a poem in her little notebook. The men are shown shirtless or smoking. After returning to her original appearance as Mitsuko, Aki tells her that the two of them and all the girls are in a fictional world being observed by “someone” and that they will continue to hunt Mitsuko down and try to kill her while slaughtering the other girls unless Mitsuko, as the ” main character “, does something to change it.

When she looks in the mirror, Mitsuko sees that her appearance is completely different! Riaru Onigokkois a Japanese suspense action horror art film directed by Sion Sono and inspired by the title of the novel Riaru Onigokko by Yusuke Yamada. Meaning, the film was based on 3 Persona having 3 Different Events – and that their life and actions has always been controlled by the judgement of people around them.


Taking only the bare bones of its story from the book that inspired it, this film is as much a comment on cinema – and on other forms of contemporary art – as it is an experience in its own right, but it is no less gripping for that.

This was the view onigokok Keiko herself wherein everyone was so happy for her but in fact that was all front.

It is a powerful image and I agree that the film overall is very powerful. View All Critic Reviews 8. However, that’s not all.

Tag has enjoyed a healthy run on the midnight festival circuit, but from the outset its sleazy tone is off-putting even riaeu late-night horror standards. And even then doesn’t really even accurately describe what the movie ends up becoming, once you get to the third act and Mitsuko finds out the origin of her existence.

But, in my opinion, the climax does make the movie even better. Whether or not you are a male or female, your interpretation is more universal and applies to everyone. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. No, but I have heard of it.

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No kissing or anything like that happens, but their connection is obvious. If you are okay with gore, go watch it. Can’t say that it’s perfect, naturally, since, after the initial accident with everyone getting their top halves cut off by the killer wind, there’s a lot of dead air between the next ‘incident’.

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