This is an attractive, well-designed putter, well worth the price. This thread is days old. Register a new account. The heavy grooved face helps cut down on skid and gets putts rolling quicker. Most popular product on Amazon. Because there is only 1 degree

These can be had for cheap around the web so if you’re in the market, I’d consider it. I’ve always found the feel of Rife putters to be awesome. Wouldn’t mind trading some of the random crap I’ve got laying around for cash and trying one of these out. Rife’s island series are some beautiful putters, and are some real quality, far above the price you can get them for. I was better with the Abaco. The players mallet head gives me some added forgiveness also. Catcher20 29 years old.

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For me, clubs with the same toe hang work about the same, Reviiew not terribly concerned with forgiveness. Tour black finish, compact mallet head. Maybe a touch more forgiving, but more different than anything else.

Posted 11 February – I may bring it Joe Kwocks and have him drill some weight out of it. This is a players mallet and similar designs are seeing play on the PGA Tour. But, you have to have a damn islabd stroke to consistently putt well with it.

Rife Tropical Abaco Putter

I’ve forgotten my password. This ought to be fun figuring out the new clubs Register a new account. I played around with the Abaco for a good thirty minutes trying putts of various lengths from all over the green and the results were spectacular. In fact, many players have already put the Abaco in their bag as of the British Open at Royal Birkdale. Small headed mallet in Tour black finish. Heel shafted mallet, love it!


I’ve messed with that many a times at GG and Golfsmith. Rife Island Series Abaco Review.

Made in a couple of parts the Titan combines some fancy engineering. Without the grooves holding the ball through the depression, the ball would slide revie the face like it does with a traditional flat face putter losing energy and creating very inconsistent distance control. At impact the narrow space between the grooves grips and carries the ball forward slightly revuew the putting surface. I fell in love with the grooves and the Abaco was the Rife putter that I liked the most from their current line.

The Abaco is inspired by that design.

In many ways, the Abaco is the mallet version of the Bimini Blade. Great way to cut production costs. Counter Balance Grip on Putter. As I spend more time with it, I will report islnad and provide more feedback. Puther, on Feb 10 Newer Post Older Post Home. The Abaco putter comes with a magnetic clasp headcover. I have the YES! A stainless steel head ensures excellent feel and I just started playing about 7 yrs ago.

The neck has been eliminated to save weight, and when combined with the large rear cavity and Posted May 17, TG Rating 0 out of 5. If it works, I won’t leave anything on the table.

Just lined up my 10 or so putters and was surprised to see exactly how they jsland. The Two Bar Putter allows the individual golfer to self adjust his or her putter shaft lie angle to lock in a consistent address position. Also a plumbers neck, the Iconic Z compliments hard 90 degree edges with a paralleled top line. It doesn’t like ‘handsy’ strokes any more than a lofted wedge does, so don’t expect riffe.


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The time now is Since the switch, I’ve definitely made more putts from 15′ and in. By SilentAugust 5, in Tour Talk. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The Rife Abaco fit my stroke very well and the patented grooves gave me a great confidence when it came to the level of control I had over the speed and break of my putts. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

However I’ll be damned if I know where it is. The heavy grooved face helps cut down on skid and gets putts rolling quicker. I have to say. And, like all Rife putters, the Abaco features patented RollGroove technology for the most immediate forward roll available and is made out of percent milled stainless steel. My Self-Serving Plea for Attention.