The story of Hyoutei’s Third year regulars when they first entered middle school. Atobe and company sang the song “Wonderful Days”. Tanegashima rejoins his partner and Sanada attempts to counter using Double Clutch. Yukimura’s opponent is No. However, when they reach him, Nanjiroh declares that he will only answer any questions if Inoue can get one point past him in a match. As of January 15, , a total of four DVD compilations , containing the first fifty episodes, have been released by Viz Media.

Baseball Game Filled With Men. A Little Gesture of Triumph. Echizen is in a tough spot however with Shinji using his “Spot” technique to numb Echizen’s arm muscle for the split second Shinji needs to get the point. Archived from the original on Inui-Kaido pair vs Mukahi-Hiyoshi pair. The Prodigy Vs Tennis Machine. You are commenting using your Facebook account. When they go to Kawamura’s sushi place to celebrate, coach Ryuzaki comes with news that Rikkaidai’s captain Yukimura Seiichi’s surgery is successful.

Under the guise of a pillow fight all the middle schoolers begin targeting Horio’s bag, believing it will contain something they can use to boost their energy and continue in the dangerous camp. Takeshi Momoshiro runs over to take Oishi’s place at the hospital, only to find out that Oishi himself is also injured.

After Ryoma recovers his memories, he returns to the field court for his final match against Yukimura, just to find a completely crushed Kintarou, whom Ryoma had a hard time against.

The middle schoolers and the reps decide on a shuffle match for the next day to become Japan’s representatives. First match of All-Japan National Tournament: They challenge court 2 in a heated match.

Baseball Game Filled With Men. With his Rising shot and Twist Spin shot, Yuuta is able to dominate the match, but Ryoma continues to find a way to counter the combination. However, it’s not that easy because of the Shukuchi Method. Over in America Ryouma fights with some American friends for control of a tennis court to use for fun. A Devil on the Court. Tezuka against Momoshiro, Kaidoh against Kawamura and a duel between the two members of the golden pair.


Seigaku had to fight Ginka but they decided to abandon because of echizen who beat them Before.

EPISODE TITLES <3 | The Prince of Tennis

A duel of the Golden Pairs: Bunta Marui and Jackal Kuwahara. Entrusted by Atobe with this task, Gakuto and Oshitari follows Jirou after training to find siegaku. Due to a bout of poor weather shipments of essential supplies have been unable to reach the camp.

Tokugawa stops Ryoma and resumes the game. Also, another very surprising thing happens. It’s all because of Tezuka’s presence.


Doubles 2 reaches its climax but in the end, Momoshiro hits a ball in Yanagisawa’s face, forcing St Rudolph to forfeit the match. The Prince of Yakiniku. Rikkaidai loses the game and heads to the Nationals as runner-up.

However, riikkaidai opponents Matsudaira and Miyako taunt Akaya in an attempt to provoke him and force him into devil mode. Soon after that, Inui collapses, Seigaku forfeits the match, and Inui is rushed to the hospital.

After he advises Yuuta to not use his Twist Spin shot anymore, Ryoma unveils his new move, Drive B, a technique that bounces in a B shape, to counter Yuta’s technique. Ryoma is about to decide. The game begins with nothing unusual. End of the ball. Tezuka finally smiles, and acquires the “Pinnacle of Perfection” and wins against Yamato. Fuji and his roommates excitedly discuss the potted plants they brought.

Rrikkaidai of the events that occur include Atobe going to school on a Sunday, Tezuka lure fishing with his grandfather Kunikazu, Oshitari Yushi and Kenya getting heated over a lottery in a shopping mall, and Shiraishi being told a shocking truth by his sister Yukari as he cares for his rhinoceros beetle. Tezuka has been thinking about his choice sdigaku the Invitational Team and has come to a rather very difficult decision. But in the end the Golden Pair still lose to Rikkaidai.


The problem is, his teammates keep showing up.

The Seigaku tennis club wants to surprise her when she comes back. Sakuno is carrying a red tennis racket and saying that cherry trees are blooming. The Prodigy Vs Tennis Machine. The arrival of the American team’s Kevin Smith has shown up looking for Ryoma. To my Dear Friend. They are interrupted by Sanada who wants to play doubles with Akutsu. Although the training he suggests is creative and helpful, the punishment for messing up is a full glass of Inui Juice, a rather horrible drink as the regulars soon discover!

Both captains have a plan from the start to teach their juniors a lesson before defeating them. Bobby Max The Beast. A chibi Tenipuri Family episode where Ryoma is featured as the eldest son, Momoshiro as the younger daughter Momoko and Kaidoh as the youngest son. Oshitari on a Certain Day 2. Seigaku arrives at the tennis court for their upcoming match but Shuichiro Oishi, who bumped into a pregnant lady on his way to the match, ends up going to the hospital to take care of her.

However, Momoshiro urges Ryoma to take the opportunity and go to the U. Kaishou Musashi, a table tennis prodigy and ex-member of the Seigaku ping pong club, challenges Ryoma to a game of ping pong with the intent of humiliating Seigaku’s tennis ace. Return of the Prince. It’s revealed thanks to Inui that Mizuki from St Rudolph gave them data about Seigaku’s weaknesses to see how they would react A Duel in the Rain.