Since it was Toasty’s wish to get Smiley and Tej married, the whole family arrange Smiley’s marriage to Tej. Soon it is revealed that Kiya is a spoiled and villainous brat who has been married earlier to a man named, Jai Malhotra. Maalti gets to know that she is pregnant and hence the family decides to bring Ganga Devi to stay with them and take care of her. She comes to know her niece, and Chedidlal promises to treat Toasty to the biggest surgeon available. Maalti also informs Pashu. Ved and Nitika Toasty’s friend develop feelings for each other with the moments they share with each other. Saas Bina Sasural was an Indian dramedy based on the story of a young lady, Taanya, a. While the rest remain unaware of it until then when Toasty asks her parents to say that she never reached her destination as she died of brain tumor before that.

Still being weak, Nitika has to do all the household chores. And soon after this incident the market’s seal is taken off, and they are able to restart their business in two shops! He makes Toasty think for Tej. While she was leaving home, Dadaji tries to stop her but trips on stairs thus losing his ability to walk. Tej unwillinlgy agrees to get married to Smiley because it was Toasty’s wish. This page was last edited on 25 August , at She meets an accident and goes in coma. Smiley helps Tej in finding Toasty and they succeed.

Smiley helped in her delivery but after this she plans to leave the family and go, but is stopped by the Chaturvedis.

While some of the family members, like Toasty did not want their years old family shop to close.


Current broadcasts on Sony Entertainment Television. Pashu’s daughter is named Toasty in memory of Toasty. This assural was last edited on 25 Augustat List of former shows. She meets an accident and goes in coma. She is an orthodox person, who has great faith in Indian traditions but is very tough and blunt in her approach.

Tej gets his job as a manager in a beauty parlour. Saas Bina Sasural was an Indian dramedy based on the story of a young lady, Taanya, a.

At the same time her childhood friend, Simran or, Smiley comes to stay with the Chaturvedis who brings back the sxsural and happy memories of the family members.

He tries convincing the family about Toasty’s existence, but nobody except Smiley believes him.

Aufust being weak, Nitika has to do all the household chores. They obey her and the Chaturvedis after learning about Toasty’s death break into pieces.

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Though Tej’s family has no women in it all seven family members are men who hate women after the family’s youngest son Gyan Meghan Jadhav successfully convinces all, the family eventually agrees to their marriage and the grand wedding takes auugust. Toasty finds out that the eldest son Pashu was married to Maalti. She tends not to tell this to her family and make them sad, and plans to live her last days by making her family happy. Also, Smiley and Tej participate in the Salsa competition because it was Toasty’s wish and Smiley eventually falls in love with Tej.

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Tej unwillinlgy agrees to get married to Smiley because it was Toasty’s wish. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thus the rule of the Chaturvedi family which forbade to touch or even talk with women is broken. She was brainwashed by her evil mother. Dadaji gets to know about Toasty’s health and worries but keeps shut after force from Toasty. Soon episodw Maalti’s baby is born. To get away from the family Maalti falsely accused Ved of molestation [4] and Pitaji for demanding dowry.


But Naani Maa makes an Ayurvedic medicine for her and Toasty returns to her family.

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His boss’s daughter, Divya falls in writtem with Tej. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She gets in the work of bringing them close to each other. Maalti also informs Pashu. Toasty reveals the truth and Kiya is ousted.

But all family members disagree with this.

Retrieved 19 August Tej forces Toasty to return home and after a lot of persuasion she returns, returning the smiles of all the family members. However, Nitika and Maalti get to know about Toasty’s disease individually. Retrieved 3 April Sony Entertainment Television India.

The family also accepts her back.

Later the Chaturvedis buy a new shop but everything gets upside down when the owner cheats them and the market is sealed. Comedy Writen Indian Idol Retrieved from ” https: