Unfortunately Momotaro is unpracticed in the technique and is not really blind and takes a beating. The martial arts depicted in this series are also highly choreographed using various forms of martial arts. When Edogawa cries for help Momotaro beats him savagely, accusing the gorilla of impersonating Edogawa. Retrieved December 31, This section needs expansion. While Hidemaro struggles to lift the giant flag, Principal Edajima explains why Date was expelled. Come to the Desperate J! Togashi throws Gekkou onto the ice spikes below but he manages to climb back up and continue the fight.

Jaki attacks with his Deadly Wind Wave but Momotaro is evasive, reserving his energy and gathering his Ki. After the anime was ended, a two-part audio drama tape was sold, covering the Tenchou Gorin Arc. The strongest of the Otokojuku first years, Momotaro Tsurugi, while enduring and overcoming the strict training of the malicious instructors and the second years, resolves the problems of the other first years with wisdom, kindness, and a manly spirit. Unfortunately the wall is broken preventing the First Years group progressing. Use the HTML below. In a final assault, Momotaro cuts Date, and they fall into the Lake of Red Acid which emits noxious fumes. This is Otokojuku’s Oil Bath” “E yuda na?

He is intercepted by the Second Year student Oniyokozuna and challenged to a contest. Momo, Tomo no Namida o Seotte Hashire!!

The ceremony consists of a series of humiliating and deadly acts to be carried out by the First Years. Oni-Hige poisons the players who must reach the antidote at the other players’ end with the steel ball containing a key within 20 minutes or die. Otokojuuku arrives in a tank and destroys the clubhouse, and when confronted by the police, claims that he’s making a movie.

Hidemaro sees the Americans scamming a local shop assistant and confronts the former WBB heavyweight boxing champion J. The First Years’ Hard Fight!

Oni-Hige takes Tazawa, Matsuo and Hidemaro to Rakkyo University where he accuses the students of pursuing pleasure and fashion. We’re the Kings of the Beasts!! They reach the Ladder and Basin of the Dragon where Togashi’s brother perished 3 years earlier. Meanwhile Akashi reveals that otoiojuku aggressive Kanto Great Student Alliance plans to make Otokojuku the th school under their control.


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During Momo’s fight over his title as representative with new first year Souji Togo, an incident occurs in the headmaster’s room. Manjimaru is badly wounded, but attacks again. Date’s sakigske flame dies.

Tazawa gets the students from a human bridge across the gulf so they can continue. The Otokojuku instructors put the students on a strict, and very unpopular diet so two students decide to raid the kitchen. Toramaru defeats Baron Dieno and the four First Years are allowed to progress, but Togashi locks the others otokojukku so he can confront the giant Daigouin Jaki alone. Just otokojukj Momotaro’s punishment is finished, the Pure Evil Group attacks the school.

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Akashi cuts Momotaro’s eyelids so he really cannot see, and he rejoins the fight. A dark sci-fi prequelhuge rpisode at the Oscarsand a star-studded new season of mockumentaries are our picks of the week.

October 25, at 1: Otokojkku must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. As tensions between the Japanese and American students rise, Principal Edajima sets up a Picaresque Boxing Match using spiked iron gloves, stating that true friendship is born in battle. To free their friends, the victor will have to remove the key from the loser’s body before the cage fallsinto the valley.

The Principal decides to use the fight as an opportunity to stage a public contest on Ganryu Island.

His Name is J” “Tomo ka Teki ka? Tekken Mahhapanchi no Otoko wa Arawaru: A young descendant of Arthurian Merlin the wizard must help the opposing army stop an alien overlord who’s using supernatural creatures called Darkstalkers to take over the world. Guts is a skilled swordsman who joins forces with a mercenary group named ‘The Band of the Hawk’, lead by the charismatic Griffith, and fights with them as they battle their way into the royal court.

Instructor Oni-Hige then has his own head shaved as the result of losing a bet with Momotaro. At four locations on the way, one representative from each team will be unshackled to fight to the death.

When Rankiryuu accidentally reveals that the festival takings are going to be kept by the instructors, the Otokojuku students beat them up and Momotaro takes the money to a real charity.


Momotaro otokoojuku to carry Date up the rope to safety, but the rope is too weak and Date lets go.

s01e26 — The Great Wall of the Eight Dragons That Leads To Hell! There’s an Entrance, But No Exit!

October 24, at 6: Momotaro emerges and is cheered by the First Years, but Principal Edajima considers their ookojuku confrontation with the Third Years. Fuji, involving four representatives from each side to settle the dispute. After the conclusion of the Kyoura Daiyon Kyousatsu, Momo descends the mountain to find his friends still alive. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search for ” Sakigake!!

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The Third Years are about to plunge to their deaths, but Momotaro coughs up the key to their cage so that they can also be freed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When Date tries to finish Momotaro, he breaks free and they both end up clinging to the burning ropes.

As he is being beaten, Momotaro again intervenes and Tsubakiyama finds his strength and courage. Retrieved from ” https: Otokojuku material outside Japan. Principal Edajima arrives at the temple where he reveals that otokjuku the legendary fighter who survived the Four Great Trials of Terror 40 years ago. eakigake

Tsubakiyama chases his pet squirrel onto the Second Years’ lawn but balk at punishing him when Momotaro appears. Edit Details Official Sites: The Visitor Dragon Ball.

Edogawa dons a gorilla suit to take his revenge on Momotaro, but fails when a lion befriended by Momotaro attacks him. A month later, and almost a year since they enrolled, Momotaro, Togashi, J and Momotaro reminisce over the year’s events. With J’s death, the three remaining Otokojuku representatives, Momotaro, Togashi and Toramaru carve the initial J on their arms in his otokojuju.