Shayl asks did you meet pihu? She says there is only one way to get out. She says I am feeling so bad its suffocating. Pakhi says its just for a weak obviously i will. Shayl stops him by putting her hand on his mouth. Kamla says no the other one is his friend. Rachna says i know you will do the best for me. Pakiya says there is nobody in someone would have come on the noise of breaking glass.

Welcome, Login to your account. There is no need to go down. She is enjoying the dance a lot. The pooja is on going. Can I ask who she is? Kamla asks Pakh to sit with her. He says let me bring a stone and break this window.

Do have a little idea where you Ai is? Vicky stops her and hides her face with dupaata and says this should always be covered. You will like her a lot. She is so busy in thinking about Raghav. A password will be e-mailed to you. Rachna says I think Kt black outline would suit more.

She says can I go and fresh?

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Rachna asks around for Addy people assume she wants to hide his shoes. He goes out and locks the door. Addy says he knows Gunjan has told him that Rachna worries about him. Shayl asks did you meet pihu? She is so beautiful.


Kamla asks Pakh to sit with her. Our daughter has grown up. Raghav goes in running in to save her. He says I called you here to add your touch in it. We are about to be husband and wife you can kiss me now. Raghav disconnects the phone.

Kamla makes them both eat the sweet. Gunjan looks at the sardar and feels like he looks like Vicky. Eveyone is shocked he takes her to a room. He asks are you thinking that you would end up your career?

Suddenly he sees Rachna in a white dress there. Kamla says just like pakhi sat with kalpi. Shayl tells suhanf both have decided to move on so respect that decision.

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Rachna asks whom is aspne for? Sammy asks why Pakhi? Shayl says everyone is so happy here to know that pihu is on holiday with mirlu.

Scene 8 The engagement is about to start. Everyone is excited that the baraat has come Dholu is told to inform Shayl who is admiring Gunjan s mehendi. Rachna laxakpan i know you will do the best for me. The door step is on fire as well.


She says yeah you are right.

She is enjoying the dance a lot. She opens her bag and takes out some clothes.

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SAmmy and Raghav will sit together. The pooja starts Gunjan comes there too. She announces that this light will be on the terrace and you will see something you have never seen before. Kalpi ssapne in an gets reday. He shows the design of dress. Gunjan asks what paap? The baraat is dancing Shayl Dayal welcome them.

Scene 1 Ubtan is being done on Kalpi by kamla and Gunjan. All the materials are ready you just have to help ladakan in making.