We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The man says me? He says my wife loves me a lot, I feel to come Delhi. The man tells everything to Kumud. Saras eats it and says very good, I m proud of you. He says I m your husband, I catch you small lies. Welcome, Login to your account.

Danny comes and knocks the door. Badimaa comes to him and talks to him. The Episode starts with Ghuman and Kumud in a verbal cat fight. He talks about Saraswati and says I m responsible for her, I left her and she was my wife and the mother of my child, I forgot that. The guardians are determined not to send them to school again. She tells him everything. Welcome, Login to your account.

They are asked to wait. They play the song. Vidyachatur gives them the instructions and asks them to give the demo. Kusum gives him her childhood pic.

In the car she keeps blabbering and irritating Kabir. Danny comes and knocks the door. They say how can they be so careless, what will we do if anything happens to kids.


Saraswatichandra smiles at last

Vidyachatur sees some files. Saras talks with the teachers and insists on earning the trust of the parents again. Notification Settings X Time Settings. Kumud feels upset as she thought of finishing her work quickly and going back. The next morning, Saras is thinking about Kumud, and that she needs a good story, he thinks how will I give her a story, how will I tell her in front of everyone, how can I propose her.

She says come fast, Badimaa fainted. The guardians are determined not to send them to school again. He jokes I m saraswatichhandra, who will give me the girl.

Saraswatichandra On Location 27th May 2014 Full Episode HD

Kumud and the principal come to meet Mr Shukla. She says mum told me your brother saraswahichandra come to take me. She says fine, then make noodles for yourself. Kumud Desai, will you become Mrs. Kusum talks about Anushka.

msy She says yes, its me come. He says such things take time. The principal says fine, this meeting is important, lets take two days later appointment.

Clear My notification inbox. The girl is fat and with specs. The man says me?


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He says so you are lying to her. Kabir says how will I identify her. Saras hears this and says donkey. Aww bless kabir brought the wrong kusum friend home. He episodw a meeting is going on, please wait. She says I will not let her win. Our partners use cookies to ensure we show you advertising that is relevant to you. He asks saraswatichxndra are everyone.

He says I want to ask you something, Do you like Kumud. Vidyachatur asks them to play a Gujarati song and sings a song. She says Saras went to school, Danny and Kabir went to factory. They say our parents are stopping us from going to school.

Kumud says thanks and the man leaves.