Later, Aahil feels that their is some connection between Aarushi and the person writing the articles and he decides to find out about it. Next day is Vihaan’s Maasi Maa, Neelima’s birthday. In his delusive love for Aarushi, Vihaan imagines her sitting beside him as soon as he wakes up. Watch the entire episode and find out if, Narmada and others will let the celebrations take place. While, Vihaan spends time with Aarushi he asks his driver Sarthi to take his place and meet the girl whom he was suppose to meet regarding his marriage. I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter account. Five Best Serials of the Year 52 Tips. High End Yaariyaan Comedy Drama.

But Vihaan refuses to meet anymore girls as he is tired of it for a moment. Vihaan Vatsal Ravish Desai lives with seven ladies who are similar to moms to him. Watch the entire episode here to watch the entire episode. It is the love stroy of Arushi and Rihaan. An OTP has been send to your mobile. Vihaan goes to his mother and tells her that he does not want this day to be marked by sorrow because of something that happened 25 years back. The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful.

Tips on American Series. Upload menu files with. Meanwhile, Vihaan once again meets Aarushi and she tells him that he does not look like a driver and also tells him that she needs to meet the owner of Vatsala wears.

However, Vihaan gets alert when she tells him that she has got the details of his house address from the bank, and she is right now waiting downstairs to meet his mother. The two of them eventually realize that Aarushi does not have any money left. Later, Aarushi reaches home and feels that someone has tampered with her money box and just then her mother manages to make an excuse.

He also deletes the photos. Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel. Click here to login. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 15 – December 23, Not epiaode will it drive traffic and leads through your content, but it will help show your expertise with your followers.



Aarushi-Vihaan Ka Satrangi Romance ! – Satrangi Sasural – 29th March 2015

How can I send a newsletter from my topic? He does not disturb them and enters only after they are ready. Watch the entire episode here to know what happens next. In excitement, Vihaan gets out of his car and begins to run towards the venue eatrangi reach as quickly as possible, while Aarushi begins to panic.

Just when Vihaan’s is about to enter the venue, Girish along with Gattu reach the scene and attack him from behind. Creating engaging newsletters with your curated content is really easy. Just then Aarushi learns that a girl has arrived to get the papers signed and he feels happy thinking that Aarushi is ssatrangi.

Satrangi Sasural Episode 56 Full on Zee tv | Online Live Drama Watch

Satrangi Sasural – Episode 9 – December 15, Thank you for rating this Product. Initially the two of them are upset with each other but finally the two of them patch up and get ready to be friends. This serial storyline is now only streached by writer. It turns out that, Aarushi’s father Prahlad and her brother, Girish are not very close to Aarushi as she had been adopted.

Dadi maa takes the matter lightly and is happy that Diya could share her problems. Ashirwad – TV Serial. Vihaan continues to make vain attempts to get in touch with Aarushi. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 25 – January 6, Evolution of Indian Television Serials. Aarushi’s grandfather overhears the entire conversation and approaches Aarushi furiously. However, Vihaan’s mothers start making plans to send gifts to the ‘Dil Wali Kudi’ and at the same time, Vihaan’s Tai Maa feels that the Dil Wali Kudi’s ominous presence has brought the injuries upon Vihaan.

Satrangi Sasural: Aarushi Revealed About Party Twist, Must Watch Episode 1st April 2015

Meanwhile, Sarathi seems to be having a tough time with the fpisode and the girl too gets confused seeing Sarathi’s weird behaviour. Later, Vihaan has food with his entire family and just then Dadi Maa tells him that he has to meet another girl in order to fix his marriage.


Satrangi Sasural Photos Add Photo. Aarushi begins to get worried about her brother and feels too embarrased to call Vihaan for help. Aarushi expresses her worry regarding her meeting with the owner of Vatsala wears and Vihaan on the other hand admires her simplicity and her satfangi.

Five Best Serials of the Year. Finally, Prahlad decides to sell his wife’s jewellery. Meanwhile, Vihaan’s mother and aunts are busy punishing Sarathi for his minor mistake. This serial started off with a great concept of satrqngi 7 Saas, however with time, it has turned out to be one of the boring melodramatic serial. Hamari Sister Didi is story of Amrita.

Aarushi-Vihaan Ka Satrangi Romance ! – Satrangi Sasural – 29th March – video dailymotion

He tries to apologize to all but his mother is furious with him. It premiered on January 17, This show was about love story of cute couple Vihaan and Aarushi.

Aarushi informs the guests about the puppy that she had to take to the hospital and seeing her caring nature, the boy begins to like Aarushi.

Vihaan meets Aarushi, a kind, gentle and pure soul, and falls in love with her thinking she will please the sstrangi expectation all seven mothers have from their to-be daughter-in-law in a bid to find the perfect match for their son. Aarushi finds Vihaan worried and tries to talk him out of his worry. Search the product to add.

Learn more about the different options. You can enter several keywords and you can refine them whenever you want. Upload Photos Upload photo files with. Satrangi Sasural is a daily soap coming in Zee Tv channel.